How Authentic Marketing and Personality Drive Marketing

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Authentic marketing

Hey there, fellow marketers! It’s Jenn Neal of Formula Done, and today we’re taking a few pages from Ryan Reynolds’ marketing book to discuss how authentic marketing and brand authenticity can drive your marketing efforts. 
Ryan Reynolds is more than just a pretty face; with his own agency – Maximum Effort – we’ll be discussing how to sharper your efforts by building a rapport with your target audience.

Authentic Marketing: Taking Inspiration from Ryan Reynolds

What’s the connection between marketing and Canadian heartthrob Ryan Reynolds have in common? 

In this blog, we’re discussing how Ryan Reynolds’ (yes, Deadpool and owner of Maximum Effort advertising agency – among other companies and brands) marketing principle of authentic marketing can change and grow your business in three easy steps with Formula Done. 

In this episode, I’ll uncover how Ryan’s captivating approach and unique investment strategies have catapulted businesses to new heights.

Relating to People on a Human Level

Formula Done and Ryan’s marketing philosophy are very similar. Basically, it all comes down to this: Treat your audience like real people. Not just numbers or personas. People. 

Know that they’re intelligent and they know when they’re being sold to. As an advertiser, instead of avoiding that, lean into it. Own it. BE HONEST ABOUT IT and drop the facade. 

Get to know your audience and what they’re talking about. Take Ryan’s Aviation Gin Ad for example. The agency seized the moment to create the perfect ad based on people’s reactions after the backlash about the Peloton ad (remember that one? The one where a wife gets a Peloton for Christmas? Who does that??). 

They listened, they crafted, and they succeeded. 

Same could be said with Mint Mobile and Deadpool’s marketing. It’s honest. 

It’s refreshing. 

It goes back to the core of marketing: connecting with people. 

Key Takeaways for Your Business

So how does this fit into your business marketing plan – how can you, as a business, leverage authentic marketing? 

🌟Pay attention to what your target market consumes, does, loves, and hates. Stay in the loop with your audience. This is where your content can come from, if it resonates, you can put your resources into it to increase your reach. No more guessing games when planning your content. 

🌟Authenticity creates trust and trust creates relationships. Talk to them like people and show them your wins, failures, and your process. Take them along the ride. 

🌟Remember this: Marketing just amplifies your message but it’s your genuine self that actually steals the deal. Make sure your genuine self shines! 

With these easy steps and reminders, you can maximize your ad spend by honing in on your target market. Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to reaching more, converting more, and creating more long-lasting relationships with authentic marketing. 

Step into authentic marketing today! Show your brand personality! Book some time with me at and together, we’ll dive deep into your business and craft a strategy to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.