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Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert
Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert


I’m Jenn Neal. I ran marketing departments in corporate America for 10 years and then ran a digital agency (Formula Done) for over another 10 years so I know the roadmap to online success.

I believe publishing content for the sake of publishing is a waste of time.

I believe acquiring new customers should come from more than ads and referrals.

I believe that Activating Content that you already have is the KEY to your online success through cutting acquisition costs and leveraging the work you’ve already done.

It’s time to scale smartly and grow together. To maximize the impact of our vision and mission.

Because together we strengthen our connection to families and communities.

It’s time to become a Content Activator!

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Content Repurposing + Your Existing Content

Grow your list for literally pennies on the dollar, using your own content… discover the trends, tips, and mistakes to avoid with downloads and video trainings. 

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert