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Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

My Marketing Origin Story 


After winning a national graphic design competition in high school (thank you very much, Adobe 1.0), I landed a job in the marketing department of a knife store. I know, random! 


But it was an incredible training ground. I handled everything from product photoshoots with lighting setups to laying out massive print catalogs and learning the ins and outs of offset printing presses. 


At the same time, I was working towards a genetics degree because, ya, I was a total nerd in college! 

But I ended up switching majors to focus on marketing – got an art degree with minors in graphic design, journalism, and theater. It was the perfect blend of skills for telling compelling stories through marketing.


After college, I worked in corporate marketing roles for around 10 years as the digital age began. I spearheaded my company’s first website, learning HTML and hacking away until it somehow worked.


When social media started taking off, I got to help develop Facebook and Instagram strategies for big brands before most people were even on there. 


As inbound marketing emerged, I implemented blogging, SEO, and email nurturing – guiding companies through this newfangled concept of “content marketing.” 


It was an incredible front-row seat to see modern marketing develop from the ground up. And I realized I had a useful hybrid of corporate experience combined with digital prowess. 


Spreading My Wings 


After 15 years learning the ropes of marketing in corporate jobs, I decided to venture out on my own. 

I launched my boutique agency and quickly attracted clients, doubling in size year after year. Before long, I was running a half million dollar company with a small team.


It was hugely rewarding helping businesses grow through authentic storytelling and digital marketing strategies tailored to their goals. I loved getting to know their brands inside and out.


But after a few years, “empire envy” started creeping in. I felt pressure to scale into some massive million-dollar plus agency. 

I invested tons of money and time trying to systemize what came naturally to me. In the process, I burned myself out and neglected important things.


Eventually I realized I didn’t need to be huge or forced into some viral coaching program box. I was happiest running a tight boutique agency, working closely with a few amazing clients. 


But an important mindset shift happened – I refocused on my core purpose of guiding companies I believed in, not chasing grandeur.


Recalling My Roots


Recently, I started working with a local manufacturing company. When I walked into their homely kitchen into the hodgepodge conference room, it felt like coming home.


I was hit with the realization that throughout my career, I’ve mostly worked with manufacturing and construction firms to amplify their brand and, ultimately, sales.


It’s what I know and love. No wonder it felt so comfortable returning to that world – it combines my corporate marketing grounding with boutique personal service and digital strategies.


Over nearly 30 years, I’ve helped numerous product companies optimize their systems to find the right customers. I thrive when fully invested in just a few at a time. 


I get to become their marketing engine, ensuring every piece is working together seamlessly, from website to sales process. It plays to my strengths.


Full Circle Back to Quality Over Quantity  


In my quest to scale fast, I hyper-focused on paid ads and lead gen as the “secret sauce” to growth.  

But in niching down, I realized that singular focus often didn’t work long-term. The whole customer journey matters.

Just slamming people into a sales funnel doesn’t nurture trust or brand loyalty. Marketing and sales can’t operate in silos. 


Returning to my boutique agency roots has brought things full circle. I get to apply my holistic experience again.

For manufactures and contractors, I map your entire blueprint – tightening messages, systems, and tech. Then pour gas on what works through targeted digital marketing.


It’s about crafting complete, quality experiences. Not just chasing vanity metrics. I’m excited to relive this whole journey with a few new partners!

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Jenn Neal

Meet Jennifer (Jenn) Neal – the CEO and Founder of Formula Done, creator of Content Activation, tech geek, marketing expert, wife, and Formula 1 racing fan all bunched up into one!


Jenn’s extensive qualifications paired with her magnetic, bold personality has attracted an array of driven business owners to see her as their reluctant hero. Jenn worked in corporate small business marketing for nearly 20 years before running her own digital marketing company for 10+ years. She was frustrated with trading time for money and building other people’s dreams. Jenn decided it was time to make her own dreams a reality. She worked hard to reinvent her business and successfully relaunched her agency, Formula Done (formerly known as Kane and Associates, LLC). She’s since converted from an operator of her business to a successful entrepreneur. 

Jenn worked hard in her business and over time, identified the patterns that worked (and the ones that didn’t) for the companies she’d previously worked for. She’d realized that the key was content and consistency. She knew that it is crucial to have the right CORE system in place to attract, direct, and retain the traffic once you find it. 


Jenn has developed, tested and successfully launched products in and around content repurposing using her own method called Content Activation. She is now a well known authority on traffic, content repurposing and messaging. 


Jenn loves being on stage and sharing her knowledge with the world. Given her ability to understand complex information, Jenn is an expert who loves to translate “geek talk” into information that anyone can understand. She is a valued business owner with a dedicated staff who enjoy working with her. Jenn is known to encourage her staff to think outside of the box and share their ideas with confidence. 


Jenn is a leader in the market and knows the roadmap to online success. She believes that small businesses are the key to strong communities and not only give back, but create an upward growth cycle. Being a strong, influential entrepreneur herself, Jenn believes that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better through strength and determination. 


Jenn currently resides in Boise, Idaho and has an insatiable thirst for life. She’s an adventurer who loves to travel, certified scuba diver, dedicated wife, a car fanatic, animal lover, and HUGE Formula 1 racing fan whose favorite color is purple.