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Introducing: Content Activation

Content Activation

Attract online traffic and claim untapped revenue – using the content you have already created!

Content Activation trains your team to repurpose your content to: 

  • grab organic “Google juice”
  • cut ad costs by 50% or more
  • increase traffic to your website by 500% or more
  • fill your social content calendar with posts that engage
Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

About Jenn

If you are looking for a “Tech Nerd Marketing Expert,” Jennifer Neal should be your first choice. With over 25 years of experience, Jenn is an industry expert in website traffic, content repurposing, and messaging.

Jennifer got her start through running marketing departments for over 10 years, then running her own digital agency for over another 10 years. She is taking those decades of experience and using it to help other business owners and content marketing people to perfect their approach to digital marketing.

Jennifer is always going full throttle, like the Formula One racing cars she loves so much. She’s a lifelong overachiever, with a variety of talents, helping her to help others to achieve their goals. After breaking through the glass ceiling by starting her agency Formula Done, she is now using her skills, tools, and talent to  teach others through her YouTube videos, blog, and virtual events.

Our Programs

Captivating Content

Framework training & worksheet files to get started with what to talk about, how to say it, how to repurpose and reuse that attracting message to capture more raving fans. This includes the foundational training for all of our programs. Right here. For $47.
Captivating Content
Fast Track Workshop - Activate your content

The Fast Track Workshop

A virtual hands-on workshop. Bring your content and together we’ll repurpose, reuse and capture that newly directed traffic. This is about using the content you have already created to get more leads, for less. Each workshop is a little different – attend them all to stay on the fast track!

The Master Traffic Controller Site

Our done for you traffic control site. We create a site that has all of those pixels and Google juice to grab all of that attraction traffic and direct new prospects into your programs. Plus, training and support for the less techy things so your team can easily maintain in the future. This program is about controlling your traffic, engaging, and automating.

For more info on this program book a call with Jenn

Master Traffic Control Website

The Smart[er] Content Formula

A virtual event featuring industry experts and all about creating a message that attracts, repurposing and integrating that message into your business, and monetizing. We’re following a hybrid model with recorded trainings and live access to the speakers – with special perks for the VIP upgrades. This event covers the foundation of all of the core steps.  

Activate Your Launch

Our Done For You program to generate quality leads for a launch at about half the “normal” price. Month 1 we develop assets, month 2 we run ads to promote your launch and build your list. 

Evergreen Leads Machine

This is our proprietary system combining the power of organic and paid traffic set on repeat. We provide private training and consulting for small to mid size corporations designed to customize our process to your needs and train your internal staff. Pricing and commissions vary.

For more info on this program book a call with Jenn

Content Repurposing + Your Existing Content

Grow your list for literally pennies on the dollar, using your own content… discover the trends, tips, and mistakes to avoid with downloads and video trainings. 

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert