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Leads for Business

In just minutes, determine the effectiveness of your lead generation strategies and get your next steps to find more high-quality leads online. You’ll immediately discover how many leads you’re leaving on the table and the next steps you need to capture more of those leads for your business and your bottom line.

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Why the Leads for Business Opportunity Checker

I have been involved in small business marketing for nearly 40 years now, and one thing I see all businesses struggle with, no matter what level they are at, is leads. 

A few years ago, I went on a mission to find out how to solve this specifically for digital marketers and content creators. 

Just like you, I mainly relied on social media marketing. Or paid ads. Neither worked very well, and it was VERY expensive and time-consuming. 

I created the Content Activation method out of a need to stop spending a ton of money and time on marketing. I knew that my blogging friends had NO problem getting traffic and leads. They’re just typically not great at marketing. 


But we are good at marketing. We just need leads. And the answer shouldn’t be to pay Facebook for each of those leads for a business. 

After two years of research, testing, and tweaking, I figured out the Content Activation model. It’s the perfect trifecta of Google juice and free traffic, social media presence, and engagement. And, to top it off, it’s half-price paid traffic. 

The truth is, Content Activation is not using anything new. In fact, these tactics have been around pretty much since the internet began. It’s just a different way of marketing that we aren’t used to as digital marketers. But, I truly believe at my core that every business should be using these tactics to stand out and make money online. 

Who the Leads for Business Opportunity Checker is For

So, if you’re just getting started and want to know how and where to find leads online – this Business Opportunity Checker is your perfect next step.

Leads for Business
You are an experienced entrepreneur with no free time

If you’re an experienced entrepreneur and are currently posting all over social media but not seeing the leads and results you’re after – this Leads for Business Opportunity Checker is the perfect next step for you.

Or, suppose you’re at the place where you’re spending money on ads to get most of your leads but are wondering how to continue scaling without giving most of your profits back to Facebook. In that case, this Leads for Business Opportunity Checker is a perfect next step for you.

Leads for Business
You are expending too much on ads

Simply take a few minutes to run through the Leads for Business Opportunity Checker, and your responses will be scored. Then, you’ll get immediate access to tips that will help you improve your online lead generation right now, based on where you are. 

Start the Leads for Business Opportunity Checker now. 


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