Organic Traffic is Not Dead! How to get more visits in a blog

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How to get more visits to a blog

With every other person writing a blog, either on their own website or for other websites, blogging has become highly mainstream. If you’re reading this blog post, it’s quite likely that you’re also writing blog posts – either as a job or just as a passion. However, despite the growing popularity of blogging, not many people know that they can turn their blog into a business. And those who do know don’t know how to do that. How do you get more visits to a blog?

In short, the key to a blog’s success is traffic. It’s the measuring stick by which you know that your blog is doing well and that people are willing to read what you’re putting out. The more traffic, the better your blog is doing. The entire purpose of building a blog is to spread your message to the masses, but if you’re failing to do that, your blog is just a platform with a lot of content that’s not adding any real value.

Generating traffic is crucial for a blog, and that is why bloggers are willing to spend money on it. But paid traffic isn’t as valuable as organic traffic, and that’s the kind of traffic you should be targeting.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to get more visits in a blog in an organic way and how you can make a business out of your blog.

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TIP: How to Reduce Ad Spend (Hint: it has to do with how to get more traffic to a blog)

Reading Time: 5 minutes.

TIP: Reduce Ad Spend

  1. Create a blog

    Create a blog post about each pain point your product or program solves

  2. Link

    Set up links to your list and sales page from your blog

  3. Go Social

    Share short snippets from your blog on social media

  4. Run Ads

    Run ads to your blog post

How to reduce ad spend
How to reduce ad spend

What’s In This Episode

Guest expert Holly Homer reveals how she got into business blogging and how she earns money from blogging. Then we dive into Facebook posting strategies and how to tie your content marketing strategy all together by looking at your stats in the numbers bridge. Don’t miss this episode – tips and tactics for any online business!

Jenn Neal

Jenn Neal on Blogs and Digital Marketers

It’s okay that someone else had the same idea and actually did it better. 

-Jenn Neal

Someone Stole My Idea!

At the time, I was crushed. I couldn’t believe someone had stolen my idea!

I think I was in about third grade, and our assignment was to invent something.

After struggling with eating dinner that night, I had it!

I went to work with my crayons and paper.

And after hours of intense concentration (and of course sticking my tongue out….) I finally had it!

I stood in the living room in front of my parents to present my masterpiece.

What the world needed was a new utensil that was a combination of both a spoon and a fork!

… yeah. ..

Mashed Potatoes for the Win

So fast forward a night to where I was eating KFC mashed potatoes. Parents had gotten dinner there to prove to me my genius was wasted because the spork already existed.

I couldn’t believe it! I sat there and stared at the spork for what felt like forever… someone had stolen my idea and made it already! And they gave it to KFC!

Finally, I decided they had a better design than me anyway and a whole lot of awesome mashed potatoes, so I let my disappointment go along with fried chicken and cole slaw.

Now as I look back on it I realize it’s okay that someone else had the same idea and actually did it better. I didn’t have to do the rally hard work, but was able to benefit from the concept just the same.

It’s okay that someone else had the same idea and actually did it better.
It’s okay that someone else had the same idea and actually did it better.

And that is exactly the same thing I owe to my guest for this episode.

Enter Holly Homer

Holly Homer has been blogging for a long time and is much better at it than me. And she already figured out the key is in bridging the gap between blogging and digital marketing.

She’s working on the gap from the blogging side and inspired me to work from the digital marketing side.

Seriously, this episode marks the official beginning of the content marketing journey I’m on.

Plus, it’s full of other awesome tips and a whole lot of fun. So check it out!

Holly Homer

Meet Holly Homer

Holly is a professional blogger running Kids Activities Blog and the Quirky Momma FB page. She has used her blog and social media as a laboratory over the years to test all things traffic & algorithms. Holly is a best-selling author and launching her fourth book, The Big Book of Kids Activities, summer 2021.

She has logged over 1000 hours on live video doing everything from teaching blogging, selling clothes, Crafting with Crap and opening oysters on the internet. Listen to Holly talking about all things chatty on the Jamie & Holly Show–wherever fine podcasts are found.

Holly and her husband of 29 years (he is a saint) live in the suburbs of Dallas, TX with their three teenage boys and a frenchie named Panda.

Organic Traffic is Not Dead – How to Get More Visits in a Blog the Organic Way
If you’re struggling with generating organic traffic for your blog, this blog post is what you need to read. Here, we discuss how to get more visits in a blog and monetize it.

Generating Organic Traffic

A lot of aspiring bloggers are willing to pay for traffic. While it’s a great way to monetize your blog sooner than later, if you work on generating organic traffic, you can save a lot of money (and make loads more in the process). Here are some tips that will help you in this endeavor.

Put Your Audience First

Create content that pleases your audience. If you create the right content, the right audience will follow. If you can add value through your content, that same audience will keep coming back – and they’ll bring their friends.

We are still a society that values diversity. The internet is not going to say “we only need one apple pie recipe, ever.” -Holly Homer
We are still a society that values diversity. The internet is not going to say “we only need one apple pie recipe, ever.” -Holly Homer

Be Consistent

Post on your blog regularly. Inconsistency can affect your blog adversely. Post quality content regularly and add depth to your blog. The first thing you need to do is decide on a posting schedule. Are you going to post every day? Every week? Every month? Whatever you choose, make sure you stick to it. Remember, your readers will expect a blog post at a set time, so don’t disappoint them.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The right keywords can have a massive impact on your blog. Don’t just saturate your content with trending keywords. Instead, use keywords that are relevant to your niche. If you use the right keywords in the right way, Google will highlight your blog when someone searches for the keywords that your content contains.

Include Meta Title and Description

The meta title and meta description are two often-overlooked ingredients when it comes to the generation of organic traffic; however, their impact cannot be overstated. It’s a simple strategy yet highly effective so make the most of them.

Use Backlinks

Linking your content to other content on your own website or other high authority websites is a great way to rise up the rankings and appear in the top search results on Google. This alone can boost organic traffic by several folds.

When you rely on one channel, Google doesn’t know who you are and where to find all about you.  -Holly Homer
When you rely on one channel, Google doesn’t know who you are and where to find all about you. -Holly Homer

Turning Your Blog into a Business

Every other individual is building a blog today because some bloggers were successful at monetizing their blogs, and everyone thinks they can do the same. However, you must know that making money off your blog not easy. It requires a lot of consistency and patience.

Let’s see how you can turn your blog into a revenue-generating business.

Know Your Audience

If you give the audience what they want, they’ll instantly connect with your content. All successful blogs have one thing in common – they know their audience well. They create highly targeted content that pulls the right audience and improves their blog’s chances.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to evaluate which market your content is tapping into. Once you know that, tailoring the content won’t be that hard!

How to get more visits to your blog? Watch your numbers!

Set Up Ads

Use targeted ads. Nobody likes to be bombarded with ads that mean nothing to them. With targeted ads, you can pick at the right strings, and hence, the chances that your audience will click on the ads are high, which means more money for you.

Lead Generation

Work on lead generation. Instead of making your visitors click on an ad or an affiliate link, give them an offer they can’t refuse. Your offer must be something your visitors want, and it must be free. Ask for your visitors’ email addresses if they opt to avail the offer. Once you’ve got their email address, you can now follow up with them. The strategy is pretty straightforward. Your blog will attract visitors who can become customers, and customers will bring in revenue. It’s that simple!

As bloggers we complain about costs of our email. Internet marketers complain about traffic costs. Opportunity. -Holly Homer
As bloggers we complain about costs of our email. Internet marketers complain about traffic costs. Opportunity. -Holly Homer

Find Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and the most efficient tactics you can use to monetize your blog. Find partners who are relevant to your blog and post their affiliate links on your blog. When a visitor clicks on this link and completes an action on the landing page, you’ll get paid. The key here is to find affiliate partners who are relevant to your niche and your content.

Sell, Sell, Sell

You can use your blog to sell a product or a service. If you put up a product or a service for sale on your blog, your visitors will at least give it a look. The best thing about selling your own product or service on your blog is that you get to keep all the profits. You can even put up someone else’s product for sale on your blog and earn a commission.

Bloggers today find it difficult to monetize their blogs properly. It might be difficult… but it’s quite possible. You just need to be consistent with your efforts and stay dedicated to the cause, and organic traffic will follow. Once you clear that part, you’re already on your way to monetizing your blog! Organic traffic is not dead after all!

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