Four Tips to Help You With Repurposing Content

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What are some tips on repurposing content

What are some tips on repurposing content? You can make every piece of content work harder by repurposing it. These tips can guide you.

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TIP: How to repurpose content

Time needed: 5 minutes

TIP: 4 Tips on Repurposing Content

  1. Start simple

    – don’t try to do everything all at once, add just one or two things at a time

  2. Market by the numbers

    – look at your analytics and see what’s working then do more of that and less of what’s not

  3. Customer journey

    – consider where the content is being used and what point in the customer journey the person is at – pay attention to what they need to get to the next step

  4. Repeat

    – keep watching your numbers and paying attention to the journey – once you have it down add another channel and keep going!

4 Tips on Repurposing Content - What are some tips on repurposing content
4 Tips on Repurposing Content

What’s In This Episode

Developing a solid content marketing strategy can be a tough thing to stick to. I’m sharing my top ways to get started reusing your content to drive more traffic to your website. We talk about content repurposing and how to repurpose YouTube and video content, then how to reuse content for your blog. I share some best practices for content repurposing and my top 4 tips for a content repurposing workflow – so that you can create content for your blog and social media without having to work harder.

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert on what the best content marketing strategy is for 2021

Jenn Neal on tips for repurposing content

Going from zero to one hundred is not an easy or pleasant thing to do.

-Jenn Neal
Going from zero to one hundred is not an easy or pleasant thing to do.

Going from zero to one hundred is not an easy or pleasant thing to do.

4 Top Tips on Repurposing Content for Your Content Marketing Strategy
4 Top Tips on Repurposing Content for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Four Tips to Help You With Repurposing Content

Content drives modern marketing strategies. For businesses, good content helps improve search rankings and visibility across the internet. Every business is investing their time making content – sometimes even an overabundance of content. Eventually, business owners start to wonder what to do with all of their older content.

This is when content repurposing becomes a viable option. You can take your content, tweak it and repurpose it in order for it to gain more value. When you know how to do it well, you can grow your business with less effort and more consistency.

So, what are some tips on repurposing content? These four tips can form the foundation of your new endeavor!

Craft your message and then repurpose it in a way that attracts people in so little sales pitch there was not planned.
Craft your message and then repurpose it in a way that attracts people in so little sales pitch there was not planned.

Start Simply

There are tons of opportunities for repurposing any of your existing content. Social media, blogs, podcasts, videos and countless other resources allow you to reach a wider audience and expand how you interact with people.

It’s actually too much. 

If you try to go from 0 to 100 using every resource possible, you are likely to become overwhelmed. Burnout is virtually inevitable, and splitting your attention and resources so much will limit how well you use each of these tools.

Your best bet is to start simply and build a solid foundation one step at a time. When you bring a focused effort, you’re likely to see better results.

For example, you can start with just a blog. You can take your existing content, and turn it into a blog. Build it up and flesh out the content. When the blog feels consistent and easier to manage, you can branch into a social media account. It can link up with your blog and build an audience base in the new medium. From there, you can add another resource, like a YouTube channel. It all grows over time, and you never feel completely overwhelmed.

Follow the Numbers

Tools like Google Analytics already track traffic to and through your site. These resources break down how many people visit the site, how they got there, and what they do while they are on your site.

Think about how much information that represents. With this tool, you can carefully track how each of your marketing attempts or market-growing attempts succeeds. You can also see which content efforts get the most traffic and conversions. It’s all calculated for you; all you have to do is read it.

Repurpose your content to attract more traffic!
Repurpose your content to attract more traffic!

If you want your content program to succeed, you have to pay attention to the numbers. When you notice your numbers growing, focus your marketing efforts on that strategy. Do what people like. Steer into the efforts and decisions that are the most successful.

Content is about connecting with people. Analytical tools allow you utilize numbers to see how well your content is connecting. If you want to repurpose content, you should use analytics to inform your strategy and decisions.

It might sound counterintuitive, but numbers are one of the keys to making great content.

Map the Customer Journey

People will engage with your business for a lot of different reasons. It’s important to think about and understand those reasons so that you can build connections that are better for you and your customers.

It’s a lot to try and list every unique reason a person works with you. Instead, you can break the idea into categories. When professionals in marketing do this, they usually call it the customer journey.

There are many different takes on the customer journey, but you can start with the simplest among them. In fact, there are two that will help you when you’re starting out with repurposing content.

The first is to think about the journey map. It’s not complicated. Instead, you can think that any customer will go through four stages when they buy something from you. The first is inquiry. This is when they first come into contact with you or your industry. They have curiosity, so they look a little more into the ideas.

The next step happens as they dig deeper. This is when they look at different goods or services and compare them. In the third step, they make a purchase. Finally, they judge their experience.

Each of these phases is important to your content strategy. You should be trying to engage with customers at each stage in the journey. As you do, you can think of customers at the beginning of the journey as “cold” customers. That’s why you might even engage with them through a cold contact. By the end of the process, they already made a purchase from you. These are hot customers who are likely to buy again, as long as you provide them with a good experience.

When your content keeps these ideas in mind, it can better relate to what people really want out of the content and their overall experience.

Work smarter and not harder.
Work smarter and not harder.

Do It Again

The final step is the easiest. When you use these tips to find what works, keep doing it. No, really. It’s that easy.

If you want even more content repurposing ideas and guidance, The Virtual Jenn can help.

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