Finding Your Unique Superpower as a Business Owner

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finding your superpower

Business and life become much smoother when you discover how to start finding your superpower. Discover the things that make you stand out!

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TIP: How to find your superpower

Time needed: 5 minutes

TIP: 4 Steps to Finding Your Superpower

  1. Joy

    Write out a list of what you think your superpower(s) could be. What things fill you with joy and you know you can do amazingly well

  2. External Validation

    Talk with three people who know you really well and share your list with them. Ask them to identify what your superpower is in their view.

  3. Internal Validation

    Pay attention to how you feel when your three tell you what your superpower is. Are you nodding? Do you feel it in your gut?

  4. Share

    Now focus on how you can use your newly identified superpower in your entrepreneurial journey and share it with others. Finding joy on this path will attract the right people to you and together you’ll grow.

4 steps to finding your superpower with James Lam
4 Steps to Finding Your Superpower with James Lam

What’s In This Episode

In this episode, we go in-depth into discovering your superpower and why it is the foundation of entrepreneurship. For answers, we ask Look Ahead Marketing’s founder and CEO James Lam and get the low down on everything from purple stuff to sales. 

He also drops some expert advice on selling and the three pillars of marketing that go beyond traditional approaches like social media marketing, white papers, and long-form content. 

So, get ready, because this will be another fun episode!

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Jenn Neal on Finding Your Superpower

We don’t start businesses because we’re all like “Oh! I know how to set up a business!”

-Jenn Neal

“That’s your superpower!”

A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend and sharing my automation system of how I have set up the production of our content and all of the content repurposing we do for the Content Toolbox. 

I opened my ClickUp account and was showing the steps we go through and how I systemized the process so we could keep track of where everything is at. 

She was amazed. 😉 

We don’t start businesses because we’re all like “Oh! I know how to set up a business!” - Jenn
Starting a business seems easy for the casual onlooker. But we all know that can’t be farther from the truth! The truth is that it takes a lot of grit, failure, and self-discovery to progress, not only as entrepreneurs but as people in general. 

It takes more than know-how to scale. Most of us already have that with the internet and everything. We need self-awareness. And we need to discover our unique strengths as entrepreneurs.

“That’s your superpower!” she said. 

And it was funny – stopped me in my tracks actually. 

I had to think about it – and I realized that I do think in systems. I think one of my love languages is actually spreadsheets. 😉 

But really – it’s the thing you do that you don’t think is special. You do it because you want to. 

And sometimes it takes a friend to point it out. 

I was at the time in one of those self-doubting moments and this conversation completely pulled me out. 

Then fast forward about a week when I was interviewing James Lam for this episode. He talked much more eloquently about exactly this process. 

Sharing what you are doing and having conversations to get external validation so you can get internal validation and grab that confidence in your own superpower. 

It’s a process he’s nailed in his masterclass and one that I pulled out of him on this episode. So – you definitely don’t want to miss out!!

-Jenn “process lover”

Meet James Lam

James created LAM – Look Ahead Marketing (yep that’s an acronym to his name!) specifically to work with 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️speakers, coaches, consultants, healers and authors. Those people who have something amazing to give back to the world, but no matter how hard they try; can’t get their message out!
James has been an entrepreneur for almost 15 years including having a very successful Digital Marketing Agency, starting a National Franchise, and inspiring dozens of other Entrepreneurs to live their dream.
James takes everything he has learned from his experiences (and he means everything), and distilled it into teaching up and coming Entrepreneurs how they can be the Superhero 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♀️ of their Superpowered Business.
If you’re committed to playing a bigger game and getting your message 📣 out into the world, this is where it starts.

Ebook link:

Entrepreneurial Qualities: Discover your Strength as a Business Owner
Finding Your Superpower – Entrepreneurial Qualities: Discover your Strength as a Business Owner

Finding Your Unique Superpower as a Business Owner

“What is your greatest strength and weakness?” is a common job interview question that, when you know how to answer, highlights how different you are from your competitors. But as business owners, we don’t often have someone to ask us such questions to reflect on. Today, we sit down with guest Jason Lam as he shares tips on how to discover your biggest strength and be the successful entrepreneur that you’ve always dreamed of becoming. He has many amazing programs and will share a lot of insights today. 

James Lam is the founder of Look Ahead Marketing (LAM, an acronym for his name) in which he specifically works with speakers, coaches, consultants, authors, and healers. These are the people who give something to the world but are finding it difficult to get their message out and become the superhero that they were always meant to be, and he’s helping them get their message across. 

“It isn’t always what you do for people. It’s about the kind of connections you make.” - James
James Lam builds on the idea that finding our superpower means learning what makes us unique. He goes on to explain that what makes us different is what will determine the quality of our relationships. 

Perfect Is Boring 

When you first start a business, you have this notion that you need everything to be perfect. You create a script, psych yourself up before a shoot, and make sure that all your equipment is on point and that you’re wearing the right clothes and makeup. You tend to get in your own head if you don’t have perfection on point. 

James found out that when he didn’t create a script and didn’t obsess over how to act in front of the camera, people actually started responding to him more and connecting to him on a deeper level. That’s how he learned that you didn’t have to get stuck in that perfection mindset. 

It’s okay to make mistakes, because that’s what makes you human and makes people relate to you. 

Finding Your Superpower 

James is in the business of helping coaches, speakers, healers, authors, and consultants get their message out. The people he chooses to work with have a really big, important message and really big goals; they want to get them out to the world. But what tends to happen is that they get stuck in purgatory, and they can’t seem to get their message out. And when they can’t get their message out, their clients can’t be healed or can’t be happy. 

The people enrolled in his course are actually building their own interpretation of their message and their own interpretation of their superpower. 

When we start a business and we aren’t seeing the results that we want, some of us tend to feel sorry for ourselves. You’re not only hurting yourself by doing this, but you’re hurting all those who need you. Remember: you are your own mindset and spiritual coach.

So, get out there and start telling people what you do. 

“It’s [starting and scaling a small business] all just trial and error.” - James
We [me and James] revisit our pursuits of MBAs and how we learned later on that these aren’t always helpful. 

Later on, he [James] goes on to mention how an MBA can set a starting entrepreneur back. According to him (and I agree), an MBA can give the false idea of knowing how to start and scale a business. 

It’s as the old saying goes: Sometimes you don’t need brains. You just need guts. 

And, if you want people to do the same, give this video a like and share. And tune in to more episodes!

Challenges of Entrepreneurs 

People don’t go into business because they’re aware of how a business runs, they know the technicalities of running a business, etc. Usually they get into it because of a calling and because they want to do something that contributes to the world. 

Running a business is hard, and most of it is trial and error at the beginning. Entrepreneurial success is built on a mountain of failure. And you have to fail so many times in order to succeed. But when you start failing, you have to educate yourself, read books, and find mentors. There is nothing wrong with this. 

But if you’re not careful, you might actually lose yourself and end up becoming something you’re not. You might lose yourself to what you think you should be doing or to what someone else tells you that you should do. 

This is the biggest mistake he sees more than anything else. 

He teaches people to find their own superpower (which is the reason why they’re liked), how to get their unique message across (there is no standard formula for this), and then what marketing works in their specific dynamic based on who they are and based on their superpower. 

There are many different paths to success, and these look different for every single person. All we need to do is become uniquely us, because ultimately what you want for your business is people actually interested in who you are.

Hone and Own Your Superpower 

Honing and owning your superpower involves external validation, but to get there, you need to validate yourself internally first. His unique method is he gets a word or an idea of what he might think your superpower is and then asks you what you think your superpower is. Then he asks you to get three people who know you really well and let them tell you what your superpower is. 

What this activity does is reveal your superpower, and it also makes you feel good because it means that you do that thing better than everybody else. 

In his class, he makes it a point to make people feel that they are unique every day.

You are different because you appeal to somebody who is different. 

The key to truly understanding your own superpower is by sharing and understanding it with people you trust who then become sort of a mirror that reflects back at you. That is the external validation that brings you the internal validation.

The superpower usually comes out of a negative experience you’ve had in the past. Failing is part of the growth curve. There is a lesson in there that will take you far and will make you money down the road, but you have to get through it right now. 

The transformation is the most important part of the journey because this creates your character and what makes you really unique and different: the reason why people will want to work with you. 

“This [finding one’s superpower] is all about internal validation. But to get there, we need external validation.”
James Lam explains the role of another person’s opinion in our path to finding what we’re amazing at. 

He does make it clear that we ought to start with identifying what we feel is our superpower. Then we should ask for feedback from a handful of people we trust. Then and only then can we ask for the feedback of a larger group. 

The result of this process, he says, is the discovery of what makes us truly unique and how we can market our products and services with our unique touch. 

Word of mouth is how we reach our audience. Give this video a like and tune in to more episodes!

On Leveling Up 

It’s also important that people see you in more spaces. This is how people know you’re leveling up. Talk to more people and get on their Facebook Lives and Instagram Lives for brand awareness. 

Spend money on coaching and mentoring. Spending money on something makes you take it all the more seriously, and this is crucial to leveling up your brand. James likens it to spending money on insurance policies. 

And in these classes, it’s not just always about what you learn. It’s also the connections you get to make. It’s also knowing which things to avoid that take up a significant amount of your time and energy, and the connections and the money will help you do that. 

Surround yourself with people who you aspire to be like and whose lifestyle you aspire to have.

James Lam

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