Chatbot Marketing Strategy – How to Automate Your Real Estate Business

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Chabot marketing strategy

The chatbot marketing strategy helps real estate agents use their time efficiently in order to help solve their clients real estate issues.

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TIP: How to utilize the Chabot marketing strategy

Time needed: 7 minutes

TIP: 8 Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Super Human Yourself with Michael Ruiz

  1. Value

    Create value based content that helps to solve a pain for your customer

  2. Bot

    Have a messenger bot on the optin page and explain that the bot is your alter ego – sets up that you’re using automation and not trying to hide it

  3. Gather Info

    Have the bot lead with questions that you know you will need answers to before having a conversation- identify their pain points

  4. Connect

    Have the bot offer to speak with you but first you need to gather up some information to help speed up the process – gather contact info, etc.

  5. Book

    Once info is gathered offer up a scheduling link and let them know you’ll be sharing info before your meeting

  6. Mix It Up

    Combine communication methods – like send a text letting them know you just sent an email or voicemail

  7. Nurture

    Move the contact into a what to expect nurture sequence

  8. Retarget

    Set up retargeting ads for anyone that hits the page and doesn’t engage

To use marketing automation to super human yourself with Michael Ruiz on chatbot marketing strategy
To use marketing automation to super human yourself with Michael Ruiz

What’s In This Episode

Speaking with guest Michael Ruiz “The Robin Hood of Real Estate and Foreclosures.” Michael shares how he automates his real estate business and tips and tricks on lead generation and an automated follow up system. We share some ways that Michael is leveraging his time and knowledge using digital marketing strategies and using an alter ego to put a personal touch on marketing automation systems.

Jenn Neal on the Chatbot marketing strategy

Jenn Neal on utilizing the chatbot marketing strategy

Business is meant to help people. You have to genuinely care about people to be successful.

-Michael Ruiz

Who’s stealing your seat?

Heart pounding, balancing on my tip toes. 

Anxiously anticipating the music stopping and eyeing the chair I would grab. 

Music stops – I slide for my chair, only to land on someone’s lap. 

Figure it out? 

Musical Chairs. 

Remember? The game that is all in fun but leaves you running for a seat. And sometimes puts you right in the lap of someone you get to meet up close and personal.:-) 

Sometimes pretty fun when you got the whole teenage hormonal angst thing happening. 

Bwahaha – I’m going to give you just a few seconds to relish in those memories, cause sometimes it’s just fun!

Business is meant to help people. You have to genuinely care about people to be successful.  - Michael Ruiz on chatbot marketing strategy
Business is meant to help people. You have to genuinely care about people to be successful. – Michael Ruiz

Okay so what does a dated musical chairs game have to do with anything…?

It’s the perfect way to tee up my guest for today. In two ways – ready? 

First of all – because i first met Michael at a Click Funnels event. 

If you’ve never been – they do a really good job of building up the anticipation. So when doors finally open people are literally sprinting to get to the front rows. It’s insane! You see a wave of people running and some throwing themselves across the seats. True story – sacrifice the body for a front row seat. Amazing and awesome!

I can’t tell you how many events I attended, but I always hung back a bit – I was totally fine with not being in the very front – and I could always find a seat just off the aisle. 

Not bad – could get a potty break or stretch my legs when I needed. 

But just about every time I did this I ended up next to the same guy who always had the same seat and came wandering in after the crowds. He had a super secret method to get “his seat” at every event. 

The guy? Michael Ruiz. 

I got to know him from all the times we sat together. 

And the second way this is the perfect intro for Michael? 

Because, much like the game and the events, he has a way of sneaking in and grabbing his chair before anyone else. 

In this case, it is in finding ways to utilize digital marketing strategies in his real estate business. Even before anyone else figured it out for his industry. 

So – don’t miss out on this fun interview. Michael is nicknamed the “Robin Hood of Real Estate and Foreclosures” and he shares not only how he earned the name but how he leverages the power of digital marketing in a super human way. 🙂 

  • Jenn “stole your seat” Neal
Michael Ruiz on the Chatbot marketing strategy

Meet Michael Ruiz

38+ Years Active in Residential Real Estate. Helping, Serving, Saving Stressed, Frustrated Homeowners Facing Foreclosure, Getting them the IMPORTANT DESPERATELY NEEDED “TIME” to calmly see their “Realistic” Options.

Tips from “Robin Hood” on How to Automate Your Real Estate Business

Chatbot Marketing Strategy Tips on How to Automate Your Real Estate Business

If you are running an online business of your own, you probably know that automation is one of the best ways to improve your business operations. However, when it comes to real estate, a lot of people are faced with questions like “What exactly is automation?” “How can it help me automate my work as a real estate professional?”, etc.

In the simplest sense, automation is a way to reduce human interaction and allow a software tool do iterative or predictive work for you. This could be through automated notifications, email workflows, chatbot tools, and more. It is about making a real estate professional’s work easier.

Here are some whys and hows you can use a marketing automation tool to make your real estate business more efficient.

Incorporating Marketing Automation in Your Real Estate Business

One of the reasons why real estate professionals should invest in marketing automation is that it is economical and more efficient to manage your work when it is automated. It is not difficult to set up automation on your business, and it should be cost-effective as well.

When people speak about automation, they think about expensive systems and software like virtual assistances; however, there are plenty of cheaper options out there like automated emails and SMS as well as chatbots.

This type of automation doesn’t just apply to real estate professionals; it can be used by any business. And they can be very helpful if you can’t afford to open up an office or hire more employees to manage your marketing or customer support.

It’s actually cheaper, more efficient to do things digitally and automated. - Michael Ruiz on chatbot marketing strategy
It’s actually cheaper, more efficient to do things digitally and automated.

Implementing Chatbot Marketing Strategy

As a real estate professional, you will have clients who will need to discuss buying a house, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, and getting them more time — issues that need to be dealt with quickly. If you have a name in the market, you will be getting hundreds or thousands of such requests every month, and it can be next to impossible to keep track and respond to each and every one of them.

That’s where your chatbots come in.

When a customer lands on a page, they can use the chatbot feature to discuss their real estate issues. The chatbot will make sure to ask the client all the questions that need to be asked so that the real estate professional has all the information they need to resolve the client’s problem.

Hence, they have time to prepare and address all the questions and then schedule a phone call to talk to the client personally. This is a much more efficient use of time for both the client and the real estate professional. The client can give all the necessary information to the chatbot in one go, and the chatbot can arm the real estate professional before their phone call so that they know what issues the client has and how to address them.

I want people calling me. - Michael Ruiz on chatbot marketing strategy
I want people calling me.

Using ClickFunnels and Opt-In Pages

One of the best tools that clients can use to manage their real estate clients is to use ClickFunnels. For those who don’t know, ClickFunnels is a marketing and sales funnel builder that allows people to automate their sales process from start to finish.

When a client enters the sales process, they are redirected to an opt-in page where they can place their email addresses, and in ideal cases, their phone numbers as well. That’s because replying through SMS is easier than replying through email. In fact, it is a good marketing tactic to use both SMS and email to contact your clients. Once your client has sent you an email, you can ask them to send you a text message after that.

This makes the follow-up process much easier. You can also add a link to your SMS, which would take your clients to the desired page where you can explain to them how you can help them.

Retargeting Your Clients

Every time a client lands on your opt-in page, you can retarget them by placing a small piece of code on that page, even if the client didn’t take any action. In many cases, a client will drop in on your website and then leave without using any service. This happens because they could not immediately find what they were looking for or simply because they are shy.

Fortunately, you can now retarget these clients if they land on your website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. If the prospect has given an email or phone number, you can follow them and approach them through these channels and start to build communication. 

You’re not going to make money until you start caring about people. - Michael Ruiz on chatbot marketing strategy
You’re not going to make money until you start caring about people.

Automating Gentle Follow-Ups

There are many real estate professionals who do not like to make personal cold calls. If you are one of them, creating a chatbot marketing strategy and automating follow-up is a good idea. Through this tactic, you can send automated emails and text messages to your prospects, reminding them about your services. This way, when they are ready or have a need of your services, you will be the first person they will think to call.

Your prospects may receive dozens of emails every day, and it can be easy to forget about one service. Automating follow-up ensures that you are not “out of sight, out of mind.” 

Bottom Line

Automation is now a key tactic to implement in your online marketing strategy. The huge number of leads you get means it can be impossible to follow up with everyone without a bit of automated help. We hope the above tips on how to effectively automate your real estate business can help you streamline your business operations and engage more effectively with your clients.

In essence, marketing automation is about using your time in the most efficient way possible. With more time, real estate professionals can focus on doing what they do best: solving clients’ real estate problems and forging lasting relationships.

‘Michael Ruiz'(Robin Hood of Foreclosures)

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