What Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Template?

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what is your content marketing strategy template

What is your content marketing strategy template? Find out how to use this acronym as your template: CORE STRATEGY.

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TIP: How to learn about your content marketing strategy template

Time needed: 7 minutes.

TIP: Use this acronym as your template: CORE STRATEGY

  1. CORE – set goals and identify metrics to ensure success

    C – understanding how content marketing works and in what areas in your business

    O – Outcome setting your desired outcomes and identifying why you want to use content marketing

    R – Report – establish your KPIs and set current baseline metrics

    E – Set goals for your expected KPIs and share all on a one page to your team

  2. S- Shape

    define the expert framework and identify how their content will attract their ideal customer

  3. T – Target

    develop a  clear plan of of how to most efficiently create and use content to scale

  4. R – Record

    Shore up core foundation to prepare for increased traffic and leads.

  5. A – Assess

    Review automation setups to ensure your new leads are captured and nurtured.

  6. T – Trigger

    Select the types of content and which channels they will be targeting

  7. E – Elect

    Leverage time and resources by identifying who will be responsible for each step

  8. G – Generate

    Launch your content machine

  9. Y – Yield

    Measure your success

What is your content marketing strategy template?  Use this acronym as your template:  CORE STRATEGY
What is your content marketing strategy template? Use this acronym as your template: CORE STRATEGY

What’s In This Episode

Digital marketing mastering at your fingertips— a step-by-step failproof plan for content marketing that will teach you how to engage your target audience. We’ll walk you through identifying and understanding your competition and help you set actionable goals. You’ll learn how to create and repurpose content, gain search traffic, understand Key Performance Indicators, and master traffic control.

Jenn Neal

Jenn Neal on what your content marketing strategy template is

When I started focusing on content marketing as an agency I realized that creating the strong foundation was a thing I had to promote.

-Jenn Neal

Fire, Ready, Aim

I know it’s a long standing joke that Entrepreneurs are notorious for fire ready aim. That, and squirrels. 😉 

But there’s definitely an element of truth to the stigma. 

Take, for instance, publishing content and content repurposing. 

Normally I have a fantastic story from my childhood here to help illustrate the point. This time, however, I am sharing a story from my experience in working with one of our clients at Formula Done. 

Don’t worry – names and details are changed up to protect the innocent. 😉 

Several years back, we were referred a new client for an upcoming PLF style launch. 

This launch was number three of annual launches and he typically hit mid-six figures with each one. 

It was really exciting to be working with someone that had such a great converting program. His system was dialed in – and we were hired to help tweak and run the tech for the launch as well as to recreate the membership site for the delivery of the program. 

So we were super excited to dig into his system and learn some new tricks. 

What we found was a huge shocker. And a mistake that I ended up seeing over and over again through my years working with clients in Formula Done. 

He had this program dialed in, however, it wasn’t connected to the rest of his business. He had no follow up when people opted in from different channels and no automation to continue them on to the next program once they had completed this one. 

The only way that prospects even got into the program was if they were already on his list or opted in from ads. 

He had no foundation and no continuity program. 

When I started focusing on content marketing as an agency I realized that creating the strong foundation was a thing I had to promote.
 I started to focus on content marketing as an agency. As a result, I began to realize that creating the strong foundation was a thing I would have to promote.

What started as a project to run the launch left us with completely mapping out his business process. For instance, in the process, we looked at his entire value ladder and where all of his prospects come from. We modified his website to make sure all traffic would lead to this program or others if they didn’t engage with this program. 

After we built him up a strong foundation and focused on directing traffic, what happened in his business was crazy. 

This new launch was 2x what his previous ones had been.

And it continued.

His other programs grew and grew and his business took off. 

I remember being shocked that he didn’t have the basics set. As time went on, I began to realize that not having a strong foundation was actually commonplace among most of the businesses we worked with. 

Just to clarify, it’s not sexy, and it’s not fun. And it goes against all things entrepreneur in focusing on ready aim fire instead of fire then figure it all out. 

But, the results are over and over again totally worth it. 

And that’s exactly what I talk about in this episode. I actually share a template that helps to set up the core foundation when you’re getting ready to set up your content marketing system. 

So – check it out and use the template. You’ll be glad you did!

My 2021 Content Marketing Strategy (+ Free Template)
EASIEST Content Marketing Strategy – My 2021 Content Marketing Strategy (+ free template!)

What is your content marketing strategy template?

In order to thrive in the world we now live in, many businesses have begun to realize the importance of having an online presence. With this came a sudden influx of business owners and marketers eager to learn how to properly market their company. Unlike traditional marketing, simply releasing ad campaigns online is not an effective way to draw visitors to our website. Instead, we must utilize a marketing strategy with the content we publish. 

Oftentimes, content marketing and content strategy are considered one of the same. There is, however, a crucial difference between the two concepts. By understanding the roles they play, we can create campaigns that are effective in their efforts to produce efficient sales funneling. 

“We get into the sales process and talk about the objections that you need to overcome, and boom, we have a new customer.”
We’re about to rock your digital marketing world. We’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about a strategic approach to content marketing.

What is a content marketing strategy and how does it differ from content marketing?

Content marketing is the act of creating content for the purpose of marketing the product or service of a business. Content marketing can appear in the form of blog posts, viral videos, newsletters, case studies, ebooks, social media posts, and landing pages. 

On the other hand, a content marketing strategy is a plan created for a business or brand to build a loyal audience. This is achieved by publishing, maintaining, and sharing content in a consistent manner. Content is created to educate, entertain, or inspire people to turn them into fans of the brand. Once the brand has an established group of fans, these loyal customers will then create more generation and conversion. In essence, content marketing strategies are the techniques employed with the release of our content marketing (blogs, videos, etc.) in order to attract our target market audience. 

Both are important aspects needed in order to have a successful funnel. Now that we’ve covered what content marketing strategy is and the difference between content marketing, let’s talk about templates. 

What is your content marketing strategy template?

For any marketing strategy to be effective, it needs to be thoroughly planned and implemented correctly. A strategic plan or a content strategy template 2021 is therefore extremely important. There are a few features that must be included in a template and for most novices, it helps to have the strategies planned out in a spreadsheet. 

So, what exactly goes into our content strategy template? Content templates contain our schedule for deployment as well as the requirements we have for each type of content (sources, research, SEO, keywords, interview, etc.).

Create a consistent branding look. That’s going to make you visually stand out and audibly standout”
With creativity, skill and strategy, a brand can establish an identity that sets itself apart from the competition and sparks a connection with its audience.

The key elements of a content marketing strategy template

In creating a template, there are fundamental components needed in order for them to be effective. They are as follows:


Our time frame, timeline, timetable, or schedule specifies due dates that are essential for our team. It tells us what we need to execute when. Including time frames in our template can help provide the assurance needed to ensure tasks are being accomplished before they need to be implemented. 


It goes without saying that listing responsibilities and who is in charge of what helps greatly in the overall execution of our content marketing strategy. Whether we plan on working with a big team or a small group of people, it is crucial for every team member to be aware of the directive of our content marketing strategies. Doing so will help create more engaging content.  


Brainstorming different topics needed to cover and explore with our team results in better creative output. With members sharing their ideas, it’s easier to fine-tune or expand these topics so that they resonate better with our target audience. 

SEO Data

It has been proven that any content shared online is more effective when it is done along with SEO practices. Therefore, researching SEO techniques, keywords, or keyphrases can drastically boost content. 


Just as we spend time brainstorming ideas to attract readers and site visitors, we must also spend ample time understanding which platform is best to utilize. Mapping down where our content goes on social media, determining whether to do whitepapers, videos, or websites can help generate content for numerous platforms in order to gain better reach. 

“Are you segmenting your audience? Are you making sure that you're getting exactly who that person is and what their desires and needs are that's going to help you deliver the right content to them?”
2 important questions that entrepreneurs should have in mind. 
If you answered yes, congrats you are rocking it! 
…but, if you answered no, remember that knowing your audience is a master piece of your content strategy!

The Bottom Line

Sales are our main goal for creating content marketing strategies. When we decide we want to attract visitors to our website, we want them to not only browse and passively absorb information, but we also want to encourage them to take meaningful action. Through a series of campaigns, we can take our website visitors from curious, to engaged to ultimately so active that they make that purchase. Marketing and strategy are imperative to our brands’ success.

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