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content repurposing examples

Content repurposing examples got your head spinning? Find out how to repurpose your content with this easy to follow 6 step framework.

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TIP: How to find easy to follow content repurposing examples

Time needed: 5 minutes

TIP: The 6 Steps to Repurpose Your Content

  1. Record your content and tell a story (Character)

    1. this has to be you as the face of the company
    2. you can delegate all remaining steps from here

  2. Copy

    Write soundbites from the content you created

  3. Creative

    Create brand supportive visuals to highlight your content

  4. Compile

    Decide what is going to post where by combining your content and creative

  5. Calendar

    Build out your content calendar and know what is going to post where

  6. Catalog

    Track your metrics to note engaging posts

content repurposing examples from Jenn Neal.
Do you need content repurposing examples, and are unsure of a good process? Use these 6 easy steps to start creating the process you need to make life easier.

What’s In This Episode

Here are ways to increase online traffic – I share my simple 6 step framework of content repurposing. Following this content marketing strategy will help you get the most out of your content and create engaging posts on your blog, YouTube content, social media and more. 

As the face of your company, having your team follow this content repurposing system will maximize your b2b content marketing while helping you all work smarter, not harder and will help to increase your awareness, reach, and online impact.

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Jenn Neal on Content Repurposing Examples

The idea of content repurposing sounds so simple, until you try it. The trick to getting it right is in the process.

-Jenn Neal

The idea of content repurposing sounds so simple, until you try it. 

I’ve seen so many people be completely gung-ho and excited about this process just to be completely derailed by frustration, confusion, and overwhelm. 

The trick to getting this right is in the process. 

The idea of content repurposing sounds so simple, until you try it. The trick to getting it right is in the process. - Content repurposing Examples with Jenn Neal
Although it may sound simple, it often takes time to find the right workflow. Once you have the right process, everything will flow much easier!

Trust me, I tried and failed multiple times before developing this 6 step framework. 

So – if you’re interested in content repurposing and ready to dive in watch this episode and follow the 6 simple steps. 

It will keep you from wanting to pull all of your hair out. 😊

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How to Repurpose Your Content: 6 Step Framework

Content Repurposing Examples – The 6 Step Framework!

Content repurposing examples got you down? Having the right content is the only way to really connect and engage your audience. I tried multiple times and failed before I was able to figure it out. Now, I use content repurposing to make things easier and get more done. It’s so much easier to use what you have to create engagement without recreating the wheel. I’m sharing my content creation, and content repurposing strategy to help you learn how to get the most out of your content in 6 easy steps:

Step 1 – Develop Your Character

This one is important – actually, it’s the most important step. No one can spread your message like you can. The key is telling your story and sharing emotions, and no one knows what you want to say or how to say it like you. Take the time to transfer all the feelings you have from your experiences to make sure others feel it too. The way you shoot and develop your content can easily be transferred to other content once you get this step down.

Commit to blogging, vlogging, and creating content with feeling and expertise. - content repurposing examples with Jenn Neal
When repurposing content, your audience will be taken through a journey with you. Commit yourself to creating content that is relatable and showcases your expertise!

Step 2 – Creating Copy

It’s time for copy! Content repurposing is all about creating different content from what you’ve already created. Take the transcripts from the core content and create different types of posts. You’re about to reuse content, but in a different way. The person on your team who does this stuff is the one who will be creating that content. This is where you can also repurpose a blog and create evergreen content that will continue working with your new content.

Step 3 – Get Creative

Time to get creative. The copy that was produced will create your graphic assets. Animated gifs, videos, static images, and more. That’s repurposing content for social media to create really cool social media engagement posts. You can also do long-form posts to tie everything together. When creating videos and other things, make sure you take lifestyle shots that can be incorporated into the mix.

Step 4 – Collect Your Assets! 

Now, take your copy and graphic assets and pull everything together to guide you (or your team member) on what posts will be featured for each post based on the channels you use. Each post should have hashtags or keywords specific to the channel and topic to make sure they are getting the engagement and interaction they require. It’s a simple process that can be done or revised at a moment’s notice.

One great step to take when repurposing content is to keep a catalog of your repurposed content. Pay attention to the numbers and see what your audience is connecting best with.

Step 5 – Create Your Calendar

Now, you create the calendar. All the posts you create will reflect on the day and time when you want it released. You’ll know what will be on Facebook, Instagram, and every other channel at any time. The beauty of this is that you can rinse and repeat, over and over again. Each piece of content works together. Your templates, calendar, and checklists help make it all easier.

Step 6 – Catalog

You’re almost at the end! Now, we catalog. You should keep track of every post that has gone out, your blog, YouTube channel, and any other content you’ve produced. This will give you a good indication of how things are doing (the metrics). Without these numbers, you won’t know what engaged the most and what didn’t work. You always want to know what didn’t work, so you won’t do it again. Another reason you do this is because you will start recognizing patterns that you can follow. A content calendar tool and training can help master this process.

Depending on how your audience reacts, this is a good indicator of what emotions they connect with the most. When you know this, you can repeat the process, creating higher engagement and connections. The channels that get the most engagement should increase in content.

You are in charge of the main content but you can get help with everything else. - content repurposing examples with Jenn Neal
It’s always hard to hand tasks off. And of course, you’re in charge of the main content, but it’s a great idea to delegate other tasks. Receiving help is NOT a bad thing!

You won’t know these things unless you follow the metrics. Once you understand your process and how to connect with your audience, you start the content repurposing cycle over again with new insight that you can do a deep dive into. This is a perfect way to complete the loop and keep the social content machine running. Once you get to this step, you should fully understand how to reuse the content you produce, repurposing it in a way that you won’t have to do it all on your own.

Are you ready to do deep dive training that your team can use? Check out The Social Media Content Online Course at and visit us on for any additional resources or questions.

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