How Authenticity Marketing and Social Media Helps Selling Online

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Authenticity and Facebook Groups for Free Online Selling

Gone are the days when a fancy brick-and-mortar store was all that mattered to pull in traffic and bag in sales. We’re living in a digital era and today, having a digital presence is vital for every business, be it product-based or service-based. Authenticity marketing and social media matter.

While customers coming to a physical store can evaluate products in real-time, making your customers trust you when selling online is a real challenge. You can’t sell your product if you can’t win the trust of your customers. This is why you need to be authentic and transparent when establishing a digital presence.

Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms with millions of active users. It is the best place to interact with people around the world. Its business-oriented features make it an ideal platform for businesses to start selling online, and that too, for free – if done right and authentically.

Although numerous other social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., can help businesses grow online, Facebook remains the leader in this regard, at least for now. However, since there are so many people who use Facebook to sell their products (and not all of them have the customer’s best intentions in mind), authenticity and transparency can help you stand out.

This blog post highlights the importance of authenticity marketing on social media for businesses that are looking for ways to sell online for free.

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TIP: How to attract your ideal audience

TIP: How to attract your ideal audience with authenticity marketing

  1. Talk

    Talk about your successes, failures and what you learned

  2. Detail

    Be very detailed – call out the person type, industry, tools or other identifying traits of those you relate to.

  3. Repeat Often

    Repeat your message as necessary and often – invite people to your Facebook group and keep talking.

  4. Listen

    Make sure to listen back – while talking is important it’s not all there is!

How to attract your ideal audience
Tips to attract your ideal audience

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What’s In This Episode

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Jenn Neal

Jenn Neal on Attraction Marketing

There is a kind of excitement that we all feel when we meet someone with an amazing superpower.

-Jenn Neal

I’m pretty sure my dance moves were NOT fashionable
I Did A Little Happy Dance

In the last 24 hours, I had literally taken a car, plane, train, bus, and was halfway through a 3 mile walk – just to get there.

And then I heard it.

The high pitched whines coming from the left and the tone change as it zipped past me to my right side.

I was so excited I was laughing and clapping and I’m pretty sure doing some dance moves that were NOT super fashionable. But I didn’t care!

And then, we got close enough to see. There they were! I’d seen them on TV and now… in person. I started calling out their names as they went by – and waiting with anticipation for “my guy…”

Seeing Red

Finally – there he was! My favorite driver – Sebastian Vettel – in his red Ferrari – zipping by me at 200mph.

Even now, writing this story I can still feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and goosebumps down my arms.

I know you’ve felt that same kind of excitement also, though probably not for Formula One racing. 🙂

There is a kind of excitement that we all feel when we meet someone with an amazing superpower.
There is a kind of excitement that we all feel when we meet someone with an amazing superpower.

That’s the kind of excitement I still feel when I meet someone with an amazing super power – and that’s exactly how I feel about the guest on today’s Content Toolbox episode – Mr. Zak Harlow.

Zak actually calls himself the Sales Ninja, and he really is that good. I’ve witnessed it firsthand!

The first webinar launch he did for a high ticket program he closed 6 figures. And, he got so good at his business, that he quit and now teaches others how to do what he did!

I was able to get some amazing advice from Zak to help anyone – whether you’re just starting out or already a master.

Check out this episode Authenticity and Facebook Groups for Free Online Selling at for your favorite link – be sure to subscribe and rate!

Your Saber Tooth Attack Preventer,

Zak Harlow

Meet Zak Harlow

Zak has been an entrepreneur since he was 12 years old and started cutting grass. 25 years later he’s had a lot of success building and coaching sales teams in 3 states with tens of millions of dollars in sales. Won all the awards, been on countless award trips, made good money… but really, who cares!?

What he LOVES doing today is coaching & helping other entrepreneurs become more profitable, have more fun and increase their confidence by S I M P L I F Y I N G the sales process.

The Sales Ninja

Authenticity and Facebook Groups for Free Online Selling
How Social Media and Authenticity Marketing Helps Selling Online

How Important is Authenticity?

It’s only recently that businesses have started understanding how important it is to incorporate authenticity marketing and social media into their online marketing strategy. Online marketing was all about putting the right content out there, analyzing how it’s performing, and using data to drive traffic to your business for many years, but today, things are different.

Google has gotten more intelligent, and now, it lists a business based on the core of its brand, its personality, and the value that it offers people. Authenticity is vital as it provides character to your brand. A customer buying your product might be a trivial thing, but it’s so much more than that. They’re actually putting their trust in you and your product if you look deeper into it.

Establishing Your Customer Base

Sincerity, brand history, and quality are the three major principles that convey authenticity, and that’s what you need to incorporate into your online marketing strategy if you’re looking to establish a loyal customer base.

We’re living in an age when the customers are a lot smarter, and they know how to filter out scamming businesses. Authenticity marketing is your gateway to establishing a loyal customer base that’ll keep coming back to you and will also refer you to others. Now that’s how your business will flourish!

Find people that need your message.
Find people that need your message.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Selling Online for Free

Selling online for free, that is, without having to invest, might seem impossible, but it’s not. Many small businesses that are only starting out on social media platforms like Facebook are desperate to generate traffic without knowing that they can reach the right target audience without paying for it. Building a Facebook page and establishing a community is a good place to start. It’s possible to generate leads and get successful conversions without paid traffic.

You can absolutely sell online for free. Here’s how:

Create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group with all the right people can help you make sales online for free. It’s more like building a community of like-minded people who share similar interests. Interact with your target audience through the Facebook group, respond to their queries, engage with them, and offer them what they want. If you do all these correctly and with the right intentions, you’re good to go.

Go Live

One of the most promising ways of selling online for free is to go live. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to go live and talk to your target audience in real-time (or at least with a bit of lag). This helps build trust as it makes you and your business look authentic. This form of authentic marketing is the key to establish a digital presence for your brand.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook recently launched its Facebook Marketplace. It allows you to list your product/service for sale and have it advertised for people who need it. People looking for what you’re offering can see your listed products and can get in contact with you to purchase said product. The purpose of Facebook Marketplace is to help users find items that are up for sale in their locality, which means that it’s a great way to reach a local audience.

Of course, since customers can’t really physically interact with the product, you need to do your best to ensure that you’re legit. Take multiple pictures of the product from different angles and be generous with your descriptions. All this will give you an air of legitimacy that people will flock to.

If you can make your target audience like and trust you, you can make sales worth hundreds and thousands of dollars online without having to pay a single penny. The key is to stay as authentic as possible with your branding, marketing, and personality. Authenticity marketing is one of the most essential elements if you’re planning to take your business online and are looking to make sales online for free.

Engaging Your Audience

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Cultivating an Authentic Connection with Your Audience

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