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Elements Of Storytelling Marketing

The Story of Storytelling Marketing and Digital Storytelling

What are the elements of great storytelling marketing? If you think about your favorite stories, they all have similar elements: hero, guide, conflict, resolution. The same should be in the stories you tell in your marketing. With these examples and techniques of storytelling marketing, you’ll help your customer along their journey.

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don't forget your marketing automation

Make Marketing Automation Work For You In 2021

One of the most important things in business is how we engage with our customers. A big part of that these days is done with automation. I’ve noticed many business owners – myself included, actually – fall into the common trap of not putting enough into their marketing automation. Here’s how marketing automation can revamp and improve your business in the new year and bring you even more customers.

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Finding Organic Traffic with Content

Finding & Capturing Free Hidden Traffic

We all want more website traffic but knowing how to generate it can be confusing. What if you could increase website traffic and drive organically to your site? By finding hidden traffic and tapping into this audience in some of the most obvious places, you can boost your sales.

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