Marketing Automation Examples to Boost Your Business

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marketing automation examples

Most marketing automation examples are over used methods. Find out different tactics that will increase your engagement.

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TIP: How to incorporate different marketing automation examples into your business

Time needed: 7 minutes.

TIP: 6 Next Level Automation Tips and Tricks

  1. Gated content

    Share something juicy and tease the content – then require an opt in to read the rest

  2. Engagement rewards 

    Track activity to surprise and delight with special offers or rewards based on engagement

  3. Chatbots

    Very few people want to pick up the phone… allow your prospects and customers to engage via chat at every level

  4. Tracking

    Track your links and get into UTM codes to know more about and support your customer journey

  5. Retargeting

    Focus more attention on those that are reading and engaging – retarget your “hot” efforts not just in ads but your CRM as well!

  6. Special Dates

    Use automation to automatically send out a hand written birthday card or send a gift for a special event

marketing automation examples with Jenn Neal
Looking to level up your business? Here are 6 next level automation tips and tricks!

What’s In This Episode

Normally, when I think of marketing automation examples, I think of the same boring tactics we use over and over again. I’m sure you’re familiar with setting up a welcome sequence of emails or automating your sales pipeline.  Well, I’ve discovered 6 marketing automation examples that are not only fun, but will help boost your business!  Ready to go from level 1 to level 10 in an instant?  Join me on this week’s episode of The Content Toolbox to find out more! 

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Jenn Neal on Marketing Automation Examples

There are just some super awesome things that nobody’s doing. So, even if you implement just one or two of these things, you’re going to stand out like a total rock star!

-Jenn Neal

Useful Automations for Your Business to Save time and Money! | 6 Next Level Marketing Automation Tricks
Useful Automations for Your Business to Save time and Money! | 6 Next Level Marketing Automation Tricks

Marketing Automation Examples to Boost Your Business

Guess what?  I’ve got something super exciting to share with you!  Normally, when I hear the words marketing automation examples, my eyes automatically roll.  It’s always the same thing over and over.  A series of welcome emails, surveys asking what the people want to see, sales pipeline automation… the list goes on!  I always wonder why there aren’t any different ways we can market that are fun!  

Well, in true Formula Done nature, I went digging around.  And, guess what?!  What if I told you that I’ve discovered exactly that?!  Would you believe it?  No?  Well, get ready to believe it because we are about to nerd out together! I’m going to share a few under used, under estimated,and fun marketing automation examples!  Can this get any better?  OF COURSE IT CAN!!  Not only are these tactics that people are not really using but they do NOT require a lot of tech!  Get ready to discover new ways to impact your business and create a better connection with your customers!  Let’s dive in! 

Did you know - Marketing automation examples with Jenn Neal
Not all companies are using marketing automation. Believe it or not, only 51% of companies are using it!

Marketing Automation Examples 

I started doing some research when I realized that the basic marketing automation examples were being overused.  I was sure that there had to be beneficial tactics that we were missing somewhere.  And sure enough, there they were… just waiting to be discovered!  

The tips and tricks I found are especially great for coaches, entrepreneurs, course creators, and influencers in the digital marketing world.  If you’re ready to level up your business, these simple implementations are for you!  

Open The Gates! 

Have you ever found yourself on a website, completely engrossed in the content only to have a message pop up saying you couldn’t read any further?  That is, unless you enter your email, or something of that sort?  And of course, you want to know more, so you do what it says and viola, up pops the rest of the content!  

Welcome to a strategy called gated content.  Not only is this method underused, but it’s a great call to action.  Give your audience a teaser and capture their attention.  They will of course want more and you’ll suddenly find your list growing!  This method doesn’t just have to give them the rest of a blog post or something of the sort.  You could give them the entire blog post and have your message pop up (see how here!) letting them know that if they opt in, they’ll immediately receive a free, hidden piece of content like a PDF guide, for example.   

Anywho, gated content engages your audience, gives them a clear and easy call to action, and does not require a ton of tech!  In fact, you can get software to help you create it quickly and easily from places like AppSumo! (And I’m so sorry if you don’t already know what AppSumo is.  If you don’t, you’ll either thank me for the introduction or despise me for starting your addiction!) 

A Rewarding Example

Moving on!  It’s time to indulge your inner nerd!  (And yes, you do have one… we all do. You just have to be willing to admit it.  It’s fine.  I’ll wait.)  This next one is a bit techy, but very rewarding!  

Engagement rewards can be set up quite easily (especially if you’re running them on WordPress by simply adding a plugin!).  This tool causes your CRM or website to remember who has previously opened your emails or visited your site.  You can set it up to email them a thank you or reward for engaging with your content.  This can mean opening a certain amount of your emails, or coming back to your website a certain amount of times.  

Regardless, thanking your audience for engaging with your content and sending them a little something nice will keep them coming back.  Not to mention, they’ll be wondering what else they’ll receive if they keep coming back!  

Did you know - Marketing automation examples with Jenn Neal
It’s a proven fact that marketing automation boosts your digital engagement. Level up your marketing automation tactics and watch your engagement soar.

Tracking Your Content

Is it just me or do you find long links SUPER annoying?  Me too!  I love seeing super tiny, cute little links.  They’re more fun to click, right? Well, those cute baby links have a purpose – to help you track your audience.  I personally love the software I bought from AppSumo (There it is again!  That’s the universe telling you to check it out!) called Switchy.  I pop all of the information for my content in and boom, out pops a teeny tiny link that will keep track of how many clicks it received. 

I create different links for different platforms and input them into my content, and if I update it all correctly, I am able to track what content got the most clicks from which platform.  This helps me keep track of where my audience is engaging, how many times they visited, and how many people actually clicked the link!  It’s all at the click of a button and I don’t have to go digging in Google Analytics for my reports.  

Marketing Automation Examples for Warm Traffic

This one is very helpful!  Retargeting.  In normal context, we’d be talking about paid ads and retargeting your audience through your ads.  This is a little bit different.  Retargeting as a marketing automation example is referring to sending traffic to your website, sales page or opt in.  

You can have interested prospects that come across your content, hit the opt in page, but don’t opt in.  Why?  Well, they could be the wrong audience all together, it may be the wrong offer, or maybe they just weren’t ready.  But, they intentionally clicked the link!  They’re a warm lead, so you want to retarget them and have them magically run into your content again.  You want them to keep thinking about you.  

Did you know - Marketing automation examples with Jenn Neal
Keeping your audience engaged and using marketing automation is a wonderful way to increase your leads. 80% of companies using marketing automation are seeing improvement in the amount of leads!

Well, you don’t only have to retarget your audience through paid ads on a platform like Facebook.  You can do this through your CRM.  If someone has opened several of your emails and clicked the link but not opted in, we can retarget them with engagement rewards like we mentioned earlier!  There’s a few different ways this can be done!  (And I definitely dive into more examples in the episode up above!) 

More Marketing Automation Examples

These are just a few marketing automation examples that you can be utilizing to your advantage.  So, if you’re ready to level up your business, and engage your audience more, this week’s episode of The Content Toolbox is especially for you!   

This week, we’re talking more in depth about these examples, as well as other marketing automation examples that deserve to be used!  There’s a link up above!  Just press play!  Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and that little bell so you won’t miss any exciting episodes!  (Hint… they drop every Thursday!)  And, if you don’t have time to watch, there’s a Spotify link there as well! Happy trails! 

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Marketing Automation examples

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Are there any really cool tech tips or tricks you use that your prospects or customers totally love?


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