Jenn Neal

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Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Meet Jenn Neal

Jenn is the “Tech-Nerd-Marketing-Expert” that you’ve been hoping for. She helps driven business owners slash customer acquisition costs and eliminate their frustration from non-effective content.

That’s why so many small businesses, speakers, coaches, trainers, authors, and influencers have turned to Jenn Neal and Formula Done (previously called Kane & Associates) for over 20 years.

Her main focus is to help experienced businesses attract online traffic and claim untapped revenue with her Content Activation system.

Secret little insight here – Jenn is a huge Formula 1 racing fan, so you’ll notice some themes in the business that relate to fast cars. Her love of geek is almost as much as her love of Formula 1, but don’t worry – she also speaks “entrepreneurees” and loves to translate “geek talk.” Really. It’s a thing. And – you’ll soon find out, her favorite color is purple. All purple. All the time.

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Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert