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don't forget your marketing automation

Sure, you have a Master Traffic Controller site. But have you forgotten about marketing automation? I did!

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TIP: 4 Steps to use Marketing Automation to improve your business

TIP: How to Perform Your Own Marketing Automation Audit and Use Marketing Automation to Improve Your Business

  1. Optins

    Review any place leads can opt in via email, text, messenger and make sure you have an automated response or sequence going to them – BONUS POINTS for incorporating different forms of media and communication

  2. Missed Connections

    Review all of your optin places above + any places you’re sharing content and make sure you’re applying a pixel from FB, Google, and Adwords – BONUS POINTS to set up retargeting ads to capture those you miss the first time

  3. Purchases

    Make sure you have delivery sequences in place for any purchases – BONUS POINTS if you automate follow up after or during time period when customer should be using or engaging with your product or service

  4. Personalize

    Make sure you have follow up sequences in place for after consumption of your product or program to ask for feedback, reviews, referrals, and to promote next product or service – BONUS POINTS to include personal touches like personalized graphics, phone calls or physical products

4 Steps to Perform Your Own Marketing Automation Audit
4 Steps to Perform Your Own Marketing Automation Audit

What’s In This Episode and What it Has to Do with Marketing Automation

New Year’s is such a good opportunity to look back at the last 12 months and evaluate where we are and where we can improve. Something I recently realized was that I’d fallen into the same trap I see so many other business owners fall into: forgetting about the customer journey.

Often times we focus so much energy just trying to get customers to our funnels that we forget the journey doesn’t end at the funnel. The Master Traffic Controller site is a one-stop-shop for absolutely everything you do and have. It should include every podcast episode you’ve released, ever guest appearance, every blog post, every free download, every course, everything. But it still doesn’t end there! The secret sauce is marketing automation and engagement. It’s so important to reach out and engage with your customers in tandem with your Master Traffic Controller site. You know everything you have to offer, but they don’t. Guide them through the process rather than simply expecting them to fall into a funnel.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported The Content Toolbox this year. It’s been a rough one! I’m excited about what 2021 has in store for us and I hope we can all return to these foundational aspects of our businesses as we say goodbye to 2020.

Jenn Neal

Jenn Neal on marketing automation and youth groups…

I had the audacity to ask “well can’t we just do the same things you did and then ask for forgiveness later? It worked for you.”

A personal note from Jenn Neal on making mistakes and improving your business

Let me tell you a story about the time I got kicked out of church youth group.


I’ll keep this short so I don’t get a ton of comments about it’s not too late, etc. Promise, I’m on track but this story is just too good not to share…

I honestly don’t remember how old I was – but I know it was old enough to have the hormones pumping that made me feel invincible…

It was summer and I was with a group of young teens and tweens. (Though pretty sure we weren’t called that back then…)

Anyway – our youth minister was telling stories about how he used to be on the dark side and doing evil things until now he has seen the light and realized the error of his ways. How it was important for us to not make the same mistakes he made.

I had the audacity to ask “well can’t we just do the same things you did and then ask for forgiveness later? It worked for you.”

The rest is kind of a blur. I know he was trying to position his argument, but teenage me just kept asking “but why not?”

So… I was asked to leave the group and not return.

And thus ended my experience with church youth group.

But… the lesson I took at the time was:

“Do as I say not as I do.”

Though I now know the lesson was:

“Sometimes you screw up but you may be given a chance to right your wrongs.”

– the “wiser” Jenn Neal
Sometimes you screw up but you may be given a chance to right your wrongs.
Learning to deal with mistakes is one of the most meaningful opportunities for personal growth.

All this to say that in no way am I trying to compare living a just and righteous life is NOT like running a business… at least, not EXACTLY like it…


I did realize that I very nearly made an error this year. One that I preach to my colleagues and customers.

And, I realized the error of my ways and share that story on this episode.

Creating virtual collaboration tools for online events – Content Creation in a Digital World

How did marketing automation improve your business?

The Important Role Of Marketing Automation

In keeping with the spirit of New Year’s Eve, the theme for this blog is going to be looking back, and reflecting on what we have done in the past year. We will look at mistakes we made in the past year or things that we wish we had done differently, and then we will talk about how we can avoid making those mistakes.

Digital Content Marketing Automation Strategy

There is one particular mistake that I have seen businesses make repeatedly over the past year. I thought that it would be a good topic for us to discuss as we say goodbye to 2020, because, let’s face it, 2020 has not been a very good year for most people. It has been especially difficult for entrepreneurship and small business. Many small businesses have failed. Perhaps if we call attention to the problem and address the mistakes we can help some businesses survive.

“If [customers] don’t know about the rest of your offerings, they’re going to lose interest and leave.”
Many business owners – myself included – forget to tell their customers about all the other products and services they offer, making it so they lose out on more sales.

The issue I am seeing is the failure to create or maintain a strong core foundation. This is an easy mistake to make. I caught myself falling into the very same behaviors and mindsets that I spend so much time preaching about.

Social Media Marketing

To have a strong core foundation, we have to constantly guard against the temptation to consider the battle won when we get the subscriber, the click through, the like, the follow, the retweet,…you get the picture.

We tend to focus so much of our time and energy on all of the various ways in which we can drive traffic to our sales funnel, affiliate feed, or e-commerce storefront, that we forget that getting site visitors to our products or services is only half the job. We have to have a reason for them to stay once we get them there or what have we really accomplished at the end of the day?

Accumulating followers triggers our natural reward center. We are very social animals, so we really like people to like us. When we get a substantial number of people who all like us at once, we feel like we are winners. This is the insidious magic of social media. We have to snap out of that mindset. Generating a lot of traffic is great, but it does not pay the bills if they are not buying what you are selling.

There are two simple changes that we need to make to correct this mistake. Both can be achieved using the marketing automation tools at our disposal.

First, we need to engage our visitors and help them determine what they are looking for or what they need. Then we need to ensure they can easily find all of the products we offer, not just the products that they need, but the closest alternatives as well. 

Make sure you have a way to capture people.
Part of how you bring people in are your ads. Once you have their attention enough to visit your site, you have to capture their attention with other products, services, and offerings.

Master Traffic Controller + Marketing Automation

The only remaining problem to solve is the practical aspect of engaging and guiding thousands of visitors each day when you are only one person. This is where the Master Traffic Controller comes in. The Master Traffic Controller is going to handle most of this for you. The Master Traffic Controller paired up with some basic digital marketing automation tools is going to act as that missing information desk or concierge that is going to handle follow-up engagement by sending out friendly emails.

To get started, you will need to set up the Master Traffic Controller and load up your website with properly indexed content. Once you are ready, test your set up to ensure that your marketing automation script is able to locate all your media and content accurately, including your official blog posts and your guest posts on the websites of others. By taking these two additional steps, you will see markedly better sales metrics in no time.

That is all for tonight. We will keep this one nice and short since it is New Year’s Eve.

Let’s all bid farewell to 2020 and look forward to a better and brighter 2021.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Everything you’re doing [in business] does not stop when the customer comes in.
The customer journey doesn’t end when they walk in your door or visit your site. That’s just the beginning! You still have to sell them something that solves a problem.


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How did marketing automation improve your business?

Now that you’re aware of how marketing automation can help your business how are you planning to use it?