Content Repurposing Workflow and Starting Out With A Bang

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Content Repurposing and Resources to Get Started

A Digital Marketing Plan To Capture Your Target Audience With Great Content

We all know how to create content. We work on a script and shoot a video for it. But did you know that you can actually flesh out some more content out of what you’ve already created?

This is called content repurposing. And today, we’ll let you in on all the best content repurposing workflow strategies that can get your content, your message, and your offer out there in front of your raving fans, so they best tailor-fit you and your business.

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Top 10 Content Tips to Activate Your Existing Content

In This Episode:

  • What is content repurposing?: We discuss an overview of content repurposing.
  • How content repurposing works: An outline of content repurposing workflow is given to answer questions about how it works.
  • Content repurposing course and masterclass: Learn about our upcoming masterclass, where we’ll teach you then ins and outs of repurposing content!

Quick Links:

TIP: How to set up a content repurposing workflow

TIP: How to Win at the Content Marketing Game

  1. Start with stories

  2. Repurpose what works

  3. Set up your own content team

  4. Check your stats

  5. Do more of what works

How to win at the content marketing game:
How to win at the content marketing game:

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What’s In This Episode

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Jenn Neal

Jenn Neal on content repurposing workflows

Working harder doesn’t really mean working smarter. – Jenn Neal

Have you ever seen a reality TV show episode about extreme couponing? Those people work really hard and cut a lot of coupons, but is the end result worth all that work? Working hard isn’t the same thing as working smart. In this episode, Jenn explains how a content repurposing workflow can help you work smarter and generate more content for your social media posts.

Let’s talk about extreme coupon collectors. Ever see these people at the store or watch shows about all they do?

To me it’s crazy! They spend hours and days finding and cutting coupons and then plan these insane trips where they buy way more than they ever need.

Sure, they’re saving a ton of money. But trading for how much time? And how much would they have spent if they had only bought what they needed to begin with so how much did they really save?

But How Much is it Really Saving?

When I was growing up my mom was a pretty great couponer. And she had to because my parents were raising three of us on my dad’s small business income.

However, I remember thinking even when I was young about how much work it felt like to drive across town to save 5 cents on bananas.

Working harder doesn’t really mean working smarter or being productive.

The Content Marketing Game

And that’s exactly what I see with some businesses playing the content marketing game.

Some aren’t playing at all.

And some are going all in but hiring different groups or agencies to handle the content and it’s really expensive and not fully productive.

Better yet, some are trying to save money and do it all themselves. So they’re really busy but not that productive.

Working harder doesn’t really mean working smarter.
Have you ever seen a reality TV show episode about extreme couponing? Those people work really hard and cut a lot of coupons, but is the end result worth all that work? Working hard isn’t the same thing as working smart. In this episode, Jenn explains how a content repurposing workflow can help you work smarter and generate more content for your social media posts.

It’s just like the coupons. Are you buying more than you need or working so hard to save money you’re not actually making any headway?

So… where do do you want to play?

A Content Repurposing Workflow Saves Time AND Money

Best way is to start creating your content department. But get the resources you need to train your team how you want, without having to actually do the work of training them yourself!

Sound crazy? Totally not… check out this episode for info on how to make this your reality.

A Content Repurposing Workflow To Capture Your Target Audience With Great Content
Content Repurposing and Expert Advice To Start Out With A Bang

A Digital Marketing Plan and Content Repurposing Workflow To Capture Your Target Audience With Great Content

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is taking the content you already have, and fleshing it out to create some more content out of it. It’s like pulling apart your content to create bits and pieces and snippets and putting them back together in a way that makes sense for each social channel that it’s going on.

The idea of repurposing your content seems simple and like something we should all be doing, until you dig into it and then it just feels overwhelming
When you have a to-do list that’s miles long, it’s tough to carve out space for creating great new content. You already have so much to do that you might even feel anxious or defeated at the idea of adding anything else. Developing a solid marketing strategy is difficult, but sticking to it can be even harder when life gets in the way. Sometimes it all starts to feel like too much.
Do you feel overwhelmed by the steps it takes to repurpose your content? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to like, share, and save!

Here is our tried-and-tested, rinse-and-repeat strategy on content marketing:

  1. Start with stories
  2. Repurpose what works
  3. Set up your own content team
  4. Check your stats
  5. Do more of what works

Content Repurposing Workflow

Most traditionally, people often start with a video. After doing research on the topic, finding out what the best keywords are for that topic, and doing all necessary research and analysis on how best to write your script and shoot your video, you can then put the video up on Youtube.

Why do we start with Youtube?

Simple. Youtube is a search engine too. And this has a high chance of increasing your Google rankings because Youtube is owned by Google. And in order for people to be able to find your content, they have to be able to find you online.


You can then take that video that you created and transcribe it, so it creates a blog post for your audience to read. This can be in the form of show notes, a rewrite of your transcript, or some other written form of your message. This helps with the SEO on your website as well as your Google rankings.

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Is Your Content Producing?

If you’d love to see how to reactivate the content you have already published to increase your traffic by over 300%, grow your social following and email list and slash your customer acquisition costs – don’t miss out on the Fast Track Workshop.


That same content can also be repurposed for another medium: podcasts. It’s fairly easy to take the audio out of the video that you shot and turn it into a podcast. You can also do a voiceover of the video, so it’ll be easier to turn the material into a podcast. Podcasts are highly popular these days due to their easy nature. Your audience can listen to them while they’re doing other things, such as chores, working out, or going for a walk.

So now, with your video, blog post, and podcast, you’ve now hit all three senses: watching, reading, and hearing!

Am I done yet?

You may think you’ve stretched your content out enough. Not quite.

You can flesh out that content even further by taking that core content that you just created and pulling out bits and pieces, quotes and snippets, or even shorten it to create a synopsis. These can then go into your social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. You can even do some TikTok action if you’re inclined.

Repurposing is kind of like deconstruction of your messaging – take it all apart then put it all together again in a different way.
Upcycling old materials is all the rage in the construction world. Did you know that you can upcycle, or repurpose content, in the business world, too? You can take the pieces of what you already have and turn them into small gold social media posts through a smart content repurposing system.
Do you have a plan for how to repurpose the best pieces of your content? Comment below, and remember to like, share, and save!

Wherever your market is, you can actually reuse the content that you already created and splatter your message across all those different channels.

However, you have to put the content together in a way that makes sense for each channel that it’s going on, because the posts that you’re going to be posting on Facebook are not going to be formatted the same way if you were to post them on Instagram or Pinterest.

This may sound absolutely overwhelming and daunting, and it can be possibly frustrating because a lot of moving pieces and things all have to come together. You can feel like you’re left with all these pieces that have to get juggled and balanced.

Content Repurposing Course and Masterclass

A content repurposing system can help you capitalize on the work you’ve already done. There is a concept in repurposing that makes you actually create engagement. You want to be able to use your story — your message — and wrap it around the core content of whatever it is you’re repurposing. And when you’re putting your content out in social, it has to be social — not just a how-to or a teaching moment.

The real key to making your repurposed content engaging is to keep the thread of your story all the way through.
There’s a danger with content repurposing that you should be aware of from the start. If you deconstruct your content too much, you could end up losing the voice of your brand. You might be building an attractive character through these social media posts, but if that’s not really you or what you’re selling, then you’re in trouble.
Is your repurposed content telling the same story as your business? Tell us how you maintain your authenticity in the comments, and like, share, and save!

In this masterclass, we’ll be teaching you how to best use content repurposing to your benefit.

This course teaches you the process of getting all of the content multiplication out there for repurposing. Small businesses are using this methodology and putting it on the side of their own internal structure to be able to get all the content out there in a way that is economically and resourcefully smart.

We can also act as your consultant, where we’re applying everything in the masterclass, personally getting involved, and looking at how you actually produce content. This allows us to tweak the system together and customize it specifically for your needs. We’re going to be building templates and checklists that are created for your business alone.

So many others are doing this content repurposing strategy for about $12,000. We’re offering this for a fraction of the cost!

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. We’ll help you put the right people in place and also train them on your customized process to make sure that these people are doing the work that you want.

Click here to find out how.

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Attraction Marketing and Content Repurposing

Now that you know how to repurpose content, what’s your first step?