Content Marketing Tools : Overcoming Your Biggest Business Hurdles

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Content marketing tools

To help beat your biggest business hurdles, we identify common mistakes and show you how to use the right content marketing tools.


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TIP: How to overcome big business hurdles and avoid the top mistakes

Time needed: 5 minutes.

TIP: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy Another Program or Course

  1. Does this tool fit the plan for my business

  2. Does this tool support successful processes I am using

  3. Do I have a person to use this tool successfully

3 Things to Consider Before You Buy Another Program or Course
Before you buy another software program or course – think of these things. If no to any of these questions – ask yourself if it’s just a new shiny object or rabbit hole or way to hide from deeper issues
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What’s In This Episode

What are the biggest hurdles that keep you from growing your business? We present the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make, like throwing money away, not having a proper system, and getting stuck on the little things. 

We’ll help you see how to get your business in motion with content repurposing, effective use of social media tools, having the right people, and creating the right system and content creation strategies.

Jenn Neal on overcoming the biggest business hurdles and avoiding top mistakes

Jenn Neal on finding the right content marketing tools and overcoming big business hurdles

It’s not all about the tools, it’s about having systems and people in place to make these things.

-Jenn Neal

Why Video Story?

I’d like to share a story – I know, shocker right?!

This is about a client who came to me and just wanted to know how “all the pieces fit together.”

In her case, she had WAYYY too many pieces and I ended up saving her thousands of dollars by simplifying and clarifying. More on that in a sec…

For the sake of anonymity I’m going to change her name to Beth. 

So I met Beth at a live event (you know, back when we actually had those…)

And Beth listened to a talk I was doing about having a visual map for your business and then applying people and processes to that map to stay on track. 

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Beth was moderately successful – had been on her own as an Entrepreneur for several years. She made money and helped her people – just not as much and many as she wanted. 

Over the years, she had taken on many tools and goodies and bells and whistles and all the things. 

So, she asked if I could do a strategy session with her to review her business and help her decide what tools to use. 

Beth had fallen prey to the great Entrepreneurial trap of buying all the tools. She had basically 3 different email systems, two booking systems, a separate CRM and messaging opt-in, 4 different design programs and two social booking tools, not to mention a handful of a bunch of other stuff. 

How much was she using? 1, maybe 2. 

How many people worked with her? 1

How many of her tools did she actually need? 3, when working together. 

So, we mapped out how she’s finding and selling and on boarding clients and positioned the people and processes to go with the tools she needed.

And there you go!

Don’t fall into the trap of buying all the pretty content marketing tools. Stop buying everything because it's not what matters. The key is having a system and process that works and hiring the right people that can effectively put your plans and your business in motion.
The key is having a system and process that works.

Simplified to a process she can follow. And, saved her about $400 per month in software costs. 

Crazy, right? 

Kind of – it’s a super common trap I see businesses fall into all the time. 

Well, I could do this if I just had this. 

Hey – I still fall prey to it every time App Sumo sends out an email!

BUT – the thing is really what I talk about in this episode. It’s not all about the tools. It’s about having systems and people in place to make these things run. 

So – STOP buying all the shiny new tools! And – go listen to this episode!


But really – I hope you remember this story the next time you are going to buy the latest whatever tool and avoid that trap!

Your Trap Saver, 


Overcoming the Biggest Business Hurdles and Avoiding Top Mistakes
Avoiding Tech Burnout – Beat Business Hurdles With Effective Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing Tools : Overcoming the Biggest Business Hurdles and Avoiding the Top Mistakes

Imagine waking up every morning with a clean slate and making the decision to approach your day without frustration or technology overwhelm, or even the dreaded analysis paralysis. It happens, right? Your workaday schedule is ready to go, yet these obstacles tend to get in the way of having any free-flowing thoughts or imagination.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, there’s a propensity to get caught up in too much of this and not enough of that, which ultimately leads to the suffering of your business and bottom line sales. I know I know, you have all of the best intentions–writing everything down, planning like there’s no tomorrow, strategizing with other team members, and investing your precious time and energy in so much learning. But where does that leave your creative content success?

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Getting stuck inside of various bubbles of moving forward versus constantly feeling the need to have more and learn more can completely wipe out any momentous gains. I’m here to provide some practical tips that will get the ball rolling again and give you the confidence and know-how to go from flat and boring to dazzling and trendy with all of the content you produce. Whether it’s a content creation for a new website, or engaging social media posts, or increasing consumer traffic overall, get over your bad self and listen.

Just because a software can do something doesn’t mean it will solve all of your problems.  Find the right content marketing tools
Every day, new software, technology, tools, and courses emerge for your purchasing pleasure. And, because you feel like all these tools may solve all your problems, you spend thousands of dollars on everything.

Analysis Paralysis

Let’s face it. If you overthink everything, as in perfectionism to the point of ad nauseum, you’re going to get trapped in analysis paralysis. Nothing ever grows from this state of being. 

You buy every fancy marketing gimmick out there to enhance your newfound profession, feeling as though each new learning trend or technology toy is going to give your business planning a boost. While it certainly makes you feel motivated and more modern, if your mind and heart are stuck in analysis paralysis of every little detail, there’s not going to be any content creation or social media tools for marketing. How do you overcome this hurdle of being stuck?

  • Start with imperfect action
  • Know the tools and the process will change over time–be okay with that.
  • Pick one thing to take to the next level versus everything all at once
  • Get consistent commitments from your people

If anything, your overwhelmed mindset will gain a new perspective, once you’ve identified the paralyzing obstacles that aren’t allowing you to get driving.

Avoid getting stuck in the HOW.  Find the right content marketing tools
Many entrepreneurs get stuck with analysis paralysis. Instead of producing actual content, you allow yourself to get stuck fussing over the minor things, like which software to use. Get over the decision paralysis and start taking imperfect actions.

Stop Throwing Money Away

Every small business startup wants the latest greatest gadgets. But where does that leave your bottom line when you make purchases that might be shiny and sweet, yet don’t get your content moving at all. If anything, you stare at the new technological advances, set everything up, work out the kinks, sit back and feel proud that you have it all. However, do you really?

Some of the greatest content creators, social media influencers, and marketing geniuses just do it from whatever mechanism they have at their disposal. It doesn’t have to be a spanking new computer or a standup desk, or even be amidst exercise machines to increase the blood flow and motivation. No, every master of their craft has heart and passion.

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So stop throwing money away at what you believe will help your marketing content get going. Instead, hire a team that understands the business process management software and is ready to dive in. Be resourceful, learn from those who’ve been in the trenches, do the research to gain more awareness of how content repurposing or instagram automation can deliver magnificence with the proper tools for marketing.

Most entrepreneurs skip over the plan and start throwing money at people and content marketing tools.
You may have all the tools and people that can help you grow your business, but to make your business work, you need to come up with a plan to get from point A to point B. Tools, people, and a good system all have to be present. Create a balance with these three to achieve your target results — and have a content cash machine that works.

Patience is a Gift

Didn’t see that coming, now did you? If you’re stuck in learning and buying mode with planning and software purchasing, you never get to the growth phase of your business. This is where the gravy lies–in the actual DOING and content creating. 

Patience patience patience. The process of creating social media content or facebook automation, or any style of content that gives your business a boost, remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. Stop procrastinating, get moving and earn revenue, and have patience. 

It’s vital to know that savvy content is the backbone of your business. Once you’ve mastered the tools through a sound and effective process, alongside hiring consistent people, your applications start to take off.

In a Nutshell

Increasing social media traffic to your website all begins with engaging content. Your voice, your message, your brand–it’s all out there for everyone to buy, connect with, and market from. Once you start with imperfect action, the rest simply flows.

The top mistakes I mentioned of analysis paralysis, throwing away too much money to incite motivation, and getting antsy over the outcomes are completely avoidable. All you have to do is take a deep breath, know that your content creation tools and process morph over time, and just put the pedal to the metal! 


James P. Friel

Content Repurposing Workflow and Starting Out With A Bang

Now that you know the most common mistakes that small businesses make, how will you now maximize content repurposing and get your message across without throwing money away? 

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