The Best Leadership Traits that Make You a Hit With Your Audience

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best leadership traits

Developing the best leadership traits is all about being unique, sharing your knowledge, and helping others reach their full potential.

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TIP: How to Develop the Best Leadership Traits

Time needed: 5 minutes.

TIP: How to Develop the Best Leadership Traits

  1. Patterns

    find patterns in the things you do or the things your mentor does that you want to adopt

  2. Sherpa

    find someone who has been on the journey you want to be on and follow in their footsteps

  3. Document

    Document your journey along the way – things you learned, struggled, changed, etc. 

  4. Share

    Share your journey and transformation with others – you will become their Sherpa and will find and build your tribe this way 

How to develop the best leadership traits
Anyone can develop the best leadership traits with these 4 simple steps.

What’s In This Episode

For so long, I teased my husband about watching other people play video games on YouTube for hours…. until I realized I do something so similar! What is so engaging about watching other people play games? I came to realize that we all want to be part of something. So how do we develop the best leadership traits from watching people play these games? Join me and find out!

Jenn Neal - Content Activation Expert

Jenn Neal on the Best Leadership Traits

Look around at the things that you do and see all the time. See what the patterns are in that and how you can twist that into something that you can use for your business. 

-Jenn Neal
Finding Your Tribe: The Story of Becoming You
Finding Your Tribe: The Story of Becoming You

The Best Leadership Traits that Make You a Hit With Your Audience

One of the interesting things we can learn in marketing is just how much a little bit of difference can set people apart.  For years, I poked fun at my husband for watching other people play video games on  YouTube.  I could not, for the life of me, understand what he found so engaging about it!  Until I realized that I’d been doing the same thing for years…. And so have most people in the world.  

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about, right?  Have you ever watched a game show?  Maybe The Price Is Right?  Or Wheel Of Fortune?  Jeopardy? Any of these ring a bell?  Every time that we sit down and watch a game show such as these, it’s the same concept as watching someone else play a video game on YouTube.   When I came to this realization, I asked myself, “What do we get out of it, and how does that translate into the overall experience?” 

Well, I realized several different things.  So, let’s go over how the three lessons I learned here translate into business, leadership, and marketing.

The Importance of “We”

While pondering the concept of what it is that engages us about these game shows or watching video games, it hit me!  As humans, we want a sense of belonging.  We all want to be part of a group or community of like minded people who understand us.   It’s not about watching the video game being played, it’s about sharing a common interest with the person playing it.  It’s about the person sharing their knowledge and experience.  By watching someone else playing video games, my husband gets the feeling of being part of a community and group that loves the same thing.  He’s not alone in the world.  Someone else shares his interest. 

We want to feel part of a tribe, remember that we are social creatures. Have you find yours? - Jenn Neal on best leadership traits
Humans just want to be part of something. We want to connect with each other on a deeper level. Entrepreneurs strive to connect with our clients and create a community. They’re not just a one and done client!

Create Your Community

As an entrepreneur, this concept still applies in the form of some of the best leadership traits.  Whatever it is that you do, that you’re good at, that you understand and can explain with ease while adding value to your audience is your calling. It’s not just a way to make money. It’s a way to create a community that shares the need that you serve so well.  People are attracted to you and your services because they relate to you.  

Entrepreneurship identify a problem that people have, and as a leader, give them a solution.  We understand the problem because we’ve faced them ourselves.  Who better to solve a problem than someone who’s already experienced it?  By presenting our struggle, our prospects are able to relate to us.  They feel seen and heard.  In the online world, this effect is so much stronger because people communicate in forums, comment sections, and on social media.  These communication venues are a key opportunity for you to solidify the feeling of community, and to bring them in not just for your wares- but for the people they meet on the way.

Skill it Forward

Back to the example of video game video watching on YouTube. So, I’ve found that what my husband gets out of these videos is direct knowledge of the quality of gameplay, and the overall value of the game as a potential purchase. First off, he wants to see if the game is worth buying. No advertisement or no trailer could tell him that in a way that’s as trustworthy as watching someone else play and experience the game. Beyond that, he and people like him interact with other fans of a game to help each other solve problems in the game.

Entrepreneur tip: Create a community and keep people involved with your business - Jenn Neal on best leadership traits
Entrepreneurs don’t want to just sell a product. We want to share their products to make a difference in the lives of others. We value the input and feedback from our clients.

This goes far beyond the video game community. It works for all manner of products. If you’ve got something that people are passionate about, chances are they are going to make videos about it, and voluntarily add organic power to your effective outreach capabilities. You can get the movement started by firing up a YouTube channel or hosting your fan’s videos on your own site.

Share Your Skills

This also relates to entrepreneurship and sharing our stories and experiences.   Entrepreneurs are natural born leaders. Through our experiences, we strive to develop the best leadership traits. One of those traits is storytelling. We want to ensure that our message gets across in the most effective way possible!

In telling our story, we are not only creating a sense of community.  We’re showing our future clients that we have gone through the same struggle and we came out on top after persevering.  Like in the video game video, you’re giving your clients direct knowledge of what can happen if they purchase your product before they make the investment.   Direct knowledge makes all the difference.   

The Power of Modeling in Communities 

One of the fascinating things about online marketing is the fact that your audience is going to do a lot of the work for you. If you really think about it, entrepreneurs are working hard to create a line of trust with our clients. We aren’t working to just sell a product. We’re natural born leaders who strive to develop the best leadership skills and work to make a difference in the lives of other people. Instead of keeping the knowledge to ourselves and worrying that if we share it, that we will no longer have a job, we’re sharing the market and spreading our knowledge. We are fully aware that no two people will have the EXACT same product as we do and that different people are attracted to different personalities and strategies.


When you find a product you like, your first instinct is to share the information about it with your friends, because they might like it too. By being a leader and sharing your experience and information, your clients will find their lives changing. In turn, they’ll find that others they know are having a similar issue and send them your way! If you give them the space to do so, your clients will talk about your products with each other, describe their individual use-cases, motivate each other to make a purchase – or if you’re missing the mark, to not make a purchase. 

People will follow you, if you make them feel part of your tribe. - Jenn Neal on best leadership traits
Connections and creating your tribe will have clients returning to you all the time. Stay genuine and true to yourself and your tribe will stay true to you!

They will answer questions that new members of the community have, and explain how to get the most value out of a given product or service. This is the most potent form of advertising you could ever have- positive customer service through voluntary information sharing. 

When one person has a positive experience with your brand, they may offer their example to other potential buyers, explaining exactly how to get the value they are looking for from the things you offer. When it happens, it’s magical, and it can make your sales margins absolutely explode. They are being led by your example – by what you did for them. You shared your story and result and now they’re sharing theirs on your behalf. What a wonderful full circle!

Sharing The Love

While our intentions may be the same – to feel like we’re part of something and to gain the knowledge of others, the marketing world shows us that there is no right or wrong way to market. Every person has the same intention but is attracted to different styles. Each and every one of us can and will find our tribes. If you found this topic interesting, check out my video on The Content Toolbox here, and find more helpful content, full of marketing tips and wisdom to make your business grow and thrive.

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In what ways do you find you connect best with other?


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